Team, 109

Cal didn’t stop jerking off when the door opened with his food, but he did look up. “Hey,” he said in Nathnjek. “Want to help me out?”

“I think he’s inviting us to join him,” said the darker skinned guard with a snort.

“Pass, he’s not my type,” said the other.

Rude, thought Cal, thinking very hard in Kyn. Over two days he’d figured out that if he worked at it, he could avoid having the beetle translate him automatically. It wasn’t perfect and he still had to be careful how quickly he talked back to the guys now, but he hadn’t fucked up yet. “You’re not my type either,” he promised, in Kyn.

Then he noticed that neither guard was holding any food. “Come with us,” said the lighter skinned guard, coming over and hauling Cal to his feet.

Warm Up

Hey! I think they jerked my race time off so it might be a while before I’m up if you want to go out and get lunch or something!

Robby felt bad lying to Edwin, but it was necessary. He sent the text, then he copied it and sent it to Erik too. It was the last swim meet of the year and Robby’s parents couldn’t take him, but Robby had really wanted to go because it was a really big meet and it was one of the provincial qualifiers, so Edwin had sucked Owen off and taken him, which was awesome of him. He’d said he’d be happy to take Robby to any of his meets that his parents couldn’t make, which was even more awesome of him.

Robby had invited Erik because Erik had been getting so much less shitty and he thought this might be a safe place for him to talk to Edwin and see if they could work things out at least a little.

But the problem was now they were both here, and they were going to see Robby.

Knighthood, 103

The weather had held for a few days after the wedding and it was still nice and springlike out as Erik and Robby dragged Edwin across half the city to wherever they’d decided was the best place to take Edwin on a shared date.

“This place is in the capital, right?” Edwin asked them. The portals hadn’t been put back up yet, so he was still staying in the city. But the wedding had gone off mostly without a hitch and the whole security team had had a really long debriefing and even though a few snarky comments had been made about Edwin staging an arrest outside the church, Sir Devin and Sir Elaine had been on his side, so it was fine.

If even the other high-ranking knights disagreed with Richard, Edwin wondered what that said about the knight commander’s ability to lead the order.

Chosen One, 109

Isaac really had only come to the shower room to shower and have a short break from studying, but Thomas had come in with a boner and sex was a good break from studying too, so now Isaac was on his belly on the bench while Thomas fucked him from behind.

The bench was narrow, so Isaac gripped the sides of it as Thomas’s cock filled him up, then pulled out, then filled him up again. He had a good way of thrusting, really hard and definite without being too rough, and he held Isaac’s thighs in his hands to keep him in place, driving their hips together at a steady pace, his heavy breathing filling the room as their balls touched over and over.

For a guy who liked girls, he was pretty good at buttfucking, and he had been since Isaac had met him. He’d needed very little instruction in how to make Isaac cum without touching him, which he said was because of a friend he’d had growing up. It was obvious he didn’t like to talk about it much, so Isaac had never pressed him on it, but either way, Thomas’s friend had taught him well, and after the half hour or so they’d been here, Isaac was ready to cum.

Slavery, 96

Greg’s pants were uncomfortably tight and it was probably because he kept drawing horny pictures of Grey Rain.

They weren’t supposed to be horny, he’d just wanted to draw Grey Rain the way he looked during the full moon, as a present for him. But he always looked horny during the full moon and Greg wanted to get him right, so he’d been drawing him a bit horny.

He hadn’t quite gotten him right yet, so he was still trying. He sighed, looking at his latest drawing, moving it aside and starting on a fresh sheet of paper, reaching down into his pants to adjust himself.

“That’s very good,” Gavin said, across the table.

Dragon, 108

“So it’s up to you how you decide to space out your payments,” Gavin told Edwin, tapping a pen on one of the dozen sheets of paper on their dining table, because Gavin’s desk wasn’t big enough for its one job. “As long as you and Stag Keep have the coin to pay your own taxes, it’s just whatever’s easiest for you.”

“Okay,” Edwin said, frowning. It seemed like he’d probably understood everything Gavin had told him, which was impressive because Owen sure hadn’t. He was really taking the whole landowner thing seriously. “I’ll think about it, but I think I get it now. Thanks—I really did just want you to lend me your accountant or something to explain it, you didn’t have to take time to go through all this yourself.”

Gavin shrugged. “Owen repeatedly tells me to work less.”

“And his solution is to work more,” Owen observed. Behind him, Eddie chittered.

Villager, 7

There was a plan to deal with the bandits. Odin didn’t really know what it was, but it involved patrols and watching and something else, maybe masculinity or something.

None of those were things Odin was very good at, so he was happy to let everyone else deal with it, going about his days, steadily getting back to work. He’d gotten several days off because of his nose being broken and everything hurting, but he was fine now and everything was going back to normal, and there hadn’t been any more Brotherhood of the Trickle attacks.

“You can finish for the night, Odin,” Uncle Oscar said. They’d been more careful about not having him close the inn alone, which was probably because they thought he’d screw up, but that was fine.

Odin was never one to protest being let off work, so he nodded. “Okay. I might have a bath, is Pierre still out there?”