Villain, 89

“This is really fucking annoying,” Sam growled, banging open the bedroom door with good old-fashioned Chaos and storming into the room. “Necromancy isn’t even a real type of magic, it shouldn’t be this fucking stupid to figure out.”

“Solomon didn’t know how to do it,” Henry said. “So his notes are useless.”

Sam knew that, he’d listened to Henry reading them out loud for days now. Whenever the topic of necromancy came up, he said something to the effect of “Jocelyn will know how to do this.”

For all that dad had claimed never to trust anyone, he sure hadn’t been prepared for them to betray him, clearly.

Others, 38

Robby took a deep breath as he stepped through the portal into Techen’s Stand. He’d been spending so much time away from it lately, in the capital and in Stag Keep with Edwin. It was nice to be back. He wished he wasn’t back.

It was so quiet everywhere, in the keep, in the town, in Robby’s head. It had been quiet in Robby’s head ever since that moment at the orgy when he’d been with Edwin and suddenly it had all just stopped. All the thoughts, all the noise that he’d lived with since Drew had come to his house and told him he was a priest and ruined his life, ruined his family’s lives. They were all gone from his head.

Lyren was gone from his head. And it was because of Edwin. Robby should have found it funny what had cleared him of the invader who’d taken control of his mind had been that Edwin fucking him for all he was worth, but it wasn’t funny. It had just happened, and Lyren was still out there. Andif Robby wasn’t careful, he’d get Robby again, and all the people Robby loved.

Robby was being very careful.

Villain, 82

Sam woke up horny.

He and Henry had talked last night instead of fucking, telling each other about what had happened while he’d been gone until they’d started to fall asleep. They’d kept talking even then, but Sam didn’t remember about what, maybe how many guards they needed to replace or something boring. But now Sam was awake again and his dick was hard and Henry was right there beside him, still asleep.

Sam got up, carefully moving between Henry’s legs. Henry was on his back, breathing gently. Sam reached between his legs, found his hole right where it should be. He spat in his other hand and rubbed it on his dick quickly, then lined up. And he pushed right inside Henry, forcing himself all the way to the hilt in one thrust.

Villain, 81

Sam was standing on what felt like a pile of jagged rocks that could have been bones in a room that had residual scarring from a fight. He could feel traces of his power and of Scott’s, both still lingering in the air. He was in the centipede pit, where he’d disappeared. He wondered if he could open his hold wherever he wanted, or if it would always open in the last place he’d used it.

It didn’t matter with Hadrina in there. Sam wouldn’t be returning there anytime soon. He had no reason to, not now that he was home, and with new toys to try out. Carefully, he picked himself over the rocks, climbing for a minute until he found himself on solid ground.

The castle felt the same to Sam, and the pit didn’t smell like blood or even like Scott. He must have been gone a while, which meant he’d be having a word with someone over the fact that this mess hadn’t been cleaned up.

Villain, 80

You should be happy, Henry.

Everyone but Henry walked down the hallway in silence. Their footfalls were softened by the carpet, replaced yesterday. Nobody spoke, not him, not Derek or the dragons, not Archer or Hutch.

They were all quiet, but Henry didn’t walk in silence. A year of screams walked with him, swirling around him, raking every part of his body at every opportunity. They pounded at his chest, tore at his hair, ripped into his eyes as he walked, doing his level best to look strong, to look regal.

To look like a king.

Villain, 69

“So your role in Solomon’s work was to eat babies?”

When his work produced unfortunate offspring, yes.

As one of the unfortunate offspring Solomon had produced, Sam wondered what could be so bad that it needed to be eaten by this demon, whose power felt like getting a face massage from Todd’s asshole and whose voice sounded like someone had poured a glass of anger into Sam’s brain. Solomon’s notes said it was named Timmy.

“Fine,” Sam said. “I’ll call on you if I need your services. I haven’t continued most of Solomon’s work, so we’ll find a new task for you.”

Oh, but I’m so delightfully good at my old one, Timmy complained.

Slavery, 65

The pantry was bigger than the slaves’ room, and Daniel wasn’t sure what to make of that. Theodore didn’t have that many servants, and even with the eight slaves, himself and Benedict, the house guards, there was no way he needed this much food.

But then, having way too much stuff that he’d never need was kind of Theodore’s whole thing, Daniel figured.

And yet, for all of that, there didn’t seem to be any cookies or cakes or anything in here. Daniel wasn’t a big fan of sweets or cakes, but he’d assumed that if he snuck down here to get some he’d find something.

But no, just a bunch of regular food, and ingredients to make other regular food, which was all well and good but not what he was looking for at the moment, and…

“Oh, fuck,” Daniel said, reaching out to catch the bottle he’d knocked over as he searched by candlelight. He caught it, but it had something slippery on it and it slid out of his hand, crashing to the floor and shattering into a million pieces, spraying viscous liquid everywhere. Cooking oil or something, Daniel thought. “Fuck.”

Others, 4

Wyatt always fucked Leo like it was his first time, fast and hard without rhythm at all, like a kid who’d realized that this felt good but hadn’t yet figured out that it could feel better if he put a little bit of thought into it.

It was always kind of like Leo’s first time with his neighbour when he’d been a kid, actually. But at least it had been Rory’s first time too. Wyatt was a grown man who’d been fucking people since he was younger than Leo, and even if he hadn’t been, he’d been fucking Leo for several months now. It would be nice if he’d learn how to do it properly.

Marcus and the Mirror (Fanfiction)

Another bit of fanfiction-rather than going on about it, I’m going to include Lurk’s author’s note here:

“The mirror is so intensely creepy, and dehumanising. Theodore does a lot of really fucked up things to condition the boys.

I’d like to think that Marcus smashed the mirror. (He seems the type.) Or at least one of the boys completely flipped out.”

The result is really good, so check it out! And thank you to Lurk!

Apprentice, 2

“Are you ready?”

Gus watched Ignatius take a breath, then nod. “Yeah. I’m good.”

God, he was attractive. He had such nice eyes, such a soft face, such a gentle and welcoming expression. Ignatius was without question the most good-looking person Gus had ever met.

It had been a long day, and Gus just wanted to hit him until he cried.

Reaching a hand up, Gus stroked Ignatius’s right cheek, smiling at Ignatius. “You’re so beautiful…”

Ignatius smiled back, quivering a little. Gus smacked him hard enough to turn his head. “Aren’t you going to thank me for the compliment?”