Dragon, 110

“I wonder,” said Owen, thinking, “if we should have taken a more subtle approach to this.”

Aria looked at him, then at the hole in the ground where the blacksmith’s forge had used to be. Owen had bought and given him a new forge to work out of so that he wouldn’t be out of work. “You think this now after we’ve dug a massive hole in the ground?”

“Yeah, well…” Owen shrugged. “Maybe if we’d left everything the way it was, the evil sorcerer would have come back and tried to do evil sorcery, then we could have just caught them.”

“Well,” said Aria, crossing her arms. “Yeah, I guess. But too late now.”

“Yeah, too late now.”

Dragon, 107

“The carvings on the walls have been there for a few hundred years,” Cleo said, putting a rubbing in front of Owen as if that would mean anything to him. “I’ve taken the liberty of politely asking Clan Vickn to confirm they didn’t carve them, which they politely say they didn’t.”

“Who are Clan Vickn?” Owen asked. “And do you believe them?” He was looking at the rubbing. It sure was a rubbing, with charcoal and some lines on it and everything. Very impressive.

“They’re the sorcerer clan who lives in and around the capital, and yes. I saw some of the circle work they do now and there’s no way its syntax could have evolved from what I saw in that cave. Lots of sorcerer clans die out after a few generations or even less, so even though this cave is literally two blocks from the seat of their power, it’s more likely this was the work of some small clan that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve stolen some books from the academy’s library and my friend in Clan Vickn is going to do some reading in her family’s library as well.” Cleo sighed. “It may sound like it doesn’t overly matter which clan carved the circle, but it might because if we can find out something about them…”

Witch, 101

“And he said nothing else?”

“Was all that not enough?”

“I am asking if you’ve left anything out.”

“Of course I have; it was a four-hour conversation.”

“If you could enlighten us.”

“About Sam’s dislike of beets?”


“I’ve told you everything relevant,” James said, cutting the archmage off. “I’m the only person outside the plateau who seems to have Sam’s trust, so if you want him to keep telling me what he’s doing, you should let me maintain as much of his privacy as is safe. He didn’t share many of the details of his plan with me, but he obviously intends to do this even if it means coming into conflict with other sorcerer clans. When I told him they’d have a problem with him doing that he made it clear he didn’t care.”

Dragon, 99

The grounds of the academy were well kept even in the winter, shovelled paths cutting between the buildings, the snow unbroken in several places, though it was also clear that people had walked through it and played in it. Ahead of them was a huge tower, with smaller towers growing out of the side. Behind that tower, Owen could see briefly as the path curved, was another tower, this one more twisted. Most of the buildings he could see had at least one small tower.

“Needs more towers,” Owen decided. “Our place has more towers.”

“Yeah,” Gavin agreed. “But if they got more, then we’d have to get more, and if we got more, then some dragons would probably come and knock them over, and it would be a whole thing.”

“I feel like at this point in our relationship with dragons they should know better than to knock our shit down,” Owen said. “Because either they’re smart enough that we can talk them out of knocking our shit over, or they’re smart enough to know that if we can’t talk them out of knocking our shit over, I’d just kill them and turn them into armour.”

Dragon, 98

Gavin was writing a bunch of letters to people out east to bully them about what they were going to bring to Gabrielle’s wedding, and Owen was helping by eating his ass while he did it.

“Adrianna Yetnakker’s already said she can’t come, which is weird since she said it before she even knew when the wedding was,” Gavin muttered to himself. “Her husband is coming, though, so he can bring some furniture with him. Oh, and his cousin has all those spice merchants on his payroll, so…”

Owen caressed Gavin’s thighs as he worked, licking around Gavin’s asshole thoroughly. He wasn’t jerking Gavin off at his request, he wanted to cum just from this.

“I kind of wish we didn’t have to invite House Huntrose, but they are our cousins, I guess.” Gavin sighed. “Do cousins of this calibre even count as family? They’re like, not even my cousins, their parents are my dad’s cousins. I could fuck Ira Huntrose right now and it wouldn’t even be incest.”

Dragon, 90

“So just to be clear, you stormed a demon fortress, got your ass kicked by the smoking hot queen of demons, fought an immortal ocean wizard, killed a kraken, got married, got a boyfriend, adopted two kids, and got over your dragon racism, all on the trip that I wasn’t invited on?” Aria demanded, arms crossed, glaring at Owen.

Owen shrugged. “You said you were busy.”

“Well it turns out I wasn’t that busy, so let’s pretend it was your fault for being a little bitch. Bring me along on the next trip or I quit.”

“Deal,” Owen said, smiling. “It wasn’t the same without you. But Gavin’s mentioned wanting his bodyguard to be bigger now that we’ve got Darby and Greg to look out for too, so we won’t be leaving you behind next time or else it’d just be nothing but knights.”

“Which I hear Gavin wouldn’t object to,” Cleo said pointedly.

Others, 7

“How are you feeling?”

Looking down at Aria with a look in her eyes that answered the question for her, Cleo smiled. “Nervous. I haven’t seen any of my siblings since I left.”

Aria hadn’t seen any of her siblings in years either, but they at least weren’t all evil sorcerers hellbent on killing her and destroying the world. Unless their priorities had changed after she’d left. But if they had, she hadn’t had any indication of that in the letter her brother had sent back to her after she’d contacted him at the archmage’s behest.

“It’ll be okay,” Aria promised, patting Cleo’s back. “If he pulls anything, just toss him out the window. Or into Steve’s portal.”

Cleo gave a cursory, and false, chuckle at that. “I don’t expect he’ll try anything. He’s not stupid and even if he was, we’re in the middle of the academy.”

Chosen One, 55

“He said he was checking up on his brother,” Isaac repeated, for the hundredth time. “That was all he said about it.”

“You’re sure, Isaac?” Elana asked him. “He said nothing else about it?”

“You know,” Isaac said, putting on a thinking face. “You’re right. Now that you’ve asked me for the millionth time, he did mention his brother’s name and what he looked like, I don’t know how I forgot about that until now.”

“Isaac,” Diana told him, stern. “This is serious.”

“You think I don’t know that?” Isaac asked her. “I’m the one who got naked with the evil overlord. I know it’s serious. But I can’t know something I don’t know, no matter how often you ask.”