Family Business


“Aw, come on!” said Alse’s cousin Kel. Kel wasn’t old enough to be one of the family members Alse hated, but he was old enough to look fuckable in his sailor suit, which he’d extremely explicably worn to the job interview that he’d shown up for on a holiday without telling Alse he was applying for a job. “Why?”

“Lots of reasons,” Alse said, looking at the resume Kel had given him. “First of all, the only job experience you’ve listed on here is feeding your neighbour’s cat while she was away.”

“Yeah?” Kel asked, shrugging as he looked around the aquarium, which was closed. “And you know what, Mango is still alive, Alse. I have a one hundred percent success rate with taking care of animals, and you have lots of animals to take care of. Clearly my skills are valuable.”

Soothsayer, 16

“So what is the Tin Scale?” Maple Song asked, tracing the elaborate black tattoo that now adorned Mads’s back.

“It’s called the Sentinel,” Dream Fox corrected. He was sitting beside Mads, tugging at his foreskin curiously, as if he hadn’t had it his whole life.

“That’s what I said.”

Others, 40

Imperial cum was the cum that tasted the least good out of all the kinds, but Maple Song swallowed it anyway, because that was what he was supposed to do when someone came in his mouth.

When the Imperial was done cumming, Maple Song looked up at him, wagging his tail on purpose because it wasn’t wagging on its own like it was supposed to. “That tasted super good,” he lied, because it was okay to lie to Imperials because they were colonizing scum who were trying to take over Narwhal Junction. Also they sucked. That was what Shadowwatcher said even though actually they never even jerked him off.

The Imperial guard snorted, and patted Maple Song’s head, which Maple Song reluctantly admitted to himself was very not-sucking of him. He said something in Imperialese that sounded like kakkankkannikakin and started doing up his pants.

Soothsayer, 5

“It’s cold,” Maple Song declared, after Mads had unlocked the door to his house.

Mads nodded, looking around. It was cold, and dark and still. “I guess Gold Flea must not have come back yet.” He told himself that was nothing to worry about. Nuka had his own life, it wasn’t unusual for him to go days at a time without seeing Mads. But given what had happened in the Horn District, Mads had wanted to see he was safe.

But he wasn’t here right now. If he wasn’t back by tomorrow, Mads would start hanging around his favourite places, but for now his house was cold and he had two werewolves to warm up. Maple Song had walked home with him in wolf form and now was naked as a result, but Dream Fox had just quietly refused to put clothes on before they’d left Dusk Fang’s house. Even if werewolves didn’t get cold as easily as humans, Mads couldn’t have them freezing. “I’ll get the fire started.”

“I’ll do it!” Maple Song said, jumping into the house. “The whole house will be warm in no time! Dream Fox, you keep Shadowwatcher warm while I fix the fire.”