Villager, 11

“Hey,” said Murph, arms wrapping around Odin from behind.

“Hey!” Odin hadn’t noticed Murph there in the kitchen, and he dropped the glass he was holding.

Murph’s hands were already there to catch it, and he sat it on the counter as he kissed Odin’s neck. “Hey,” he said again. “I had a feeling you might be horny, so I came to see if you were.”

“Mm,” Odin agreed, liking Murph’s hands on his mostly bare chest. “Yeah, I am, actually.”

Villager, 10

“Okay but they know you’re not really going to kill us,” said Odin, who really felt that the knife pressed against his neck could be pressed just a little bit less hard against his neck. Or actually that it could be pressed anywhere else, like against a piece of cheese. “Because once you do that then there’ll be literally nothing to stop them from coming in here and beating the shit out of you and they aren’t even going to care that you have backup, which you don’t, actually.”

“Shut up,” Crossbones said, jostling Odin a little, nicking him with the knife. “They care about their kids. They won’t want them to be hurt. Open the window and tell them not to come any closer.”

“Okay,” said the boy nearest the window, who Odin somehow remembered was called Bloodrune. “But, Crossbones…”

“There’s no but,” snapped Crossbones. “Just do it.”

“I will! But there’s a monster out there with them!”

Villager, 9

“Wait!” Odin said, holding up his hand for a second before realizing that was exactly what the boy wanted. “Don’t cut our fingers off!”

“Yeah, you can’t!” said Murph, getting up onto his elbows. Odin’s dick was still inside him. “We need them, because we’re boyfriends.”

Right, that was the plan they’d come up with. Odin tried to remember that and not take Murph so seriously that he would cum inside him again, but seriously enough that the boy would believe them. “Yeah, we need fingers so we can hold hands.”

“And give each other handjobs,” Murph added. “It’s really hard to give someone a handjob without fingers.”

Odin nodded, agreeing with that. “And also my sister is deaf, so I need my fingers to speak sign language to her, and it would be really mean of you to prevent her from ever understanding me again. So don’t cut our fingers off, please.”