Slavery, 66

Greg had been wondering how Darby had so much energy from the moment they’d met, and he was still wondering that, but he felt like he had at least part of an answer now.

Darby napped at least twice a day. After meals, usually. He was having his post-lunch nap in preparation for their leaving Pelican Bay soon. Greg had gone to sit in Gavin’s room initially, but not quite an hour ago Gavin had had Pax visit him and it had made Greg feel funny being in there, so he’d come back in here to sit with Darby while he napped.

They were leaving Pelican Bay soon. He was leaving with Gavin and Owen. Like part of their family. They were just…letting him do that. Greg was…happy about that. Content. He felt like he could learn how to be happy with them. Sylvester and Roderick were coming too, hired by Gavin to work for the prince.

Gavin said it was because he wanted their help, but Sylvester seemed pretty sure it was because Greg wanted them around. Greg…didn’t know what to make of that. It was such a nice thing to do. It almost hurt, how nice it was.

Knighthood, 65

Edwin made sure to give Stuart a nice handjob while he fucked him, laying on top of him in his bed. He went slowly, letting Stuart’s reactions set the pace for him, tangling their feet together, not kissing Stuart, but keeping his other hand between Stuart’s shoulders.

“F-fuck, Ed…” Stuart said, voice cracking as Edwin thrust into him. He clenched, his whole body tight and coiled.

Edwin nodded, stroking Stuart’s back and stroking his cock as well, keeping his pace. “I know.”

Stuart just nodded too, and that was all he said for a good few minutes until Edwin felt him tense even more and he buried his face in the pillow as he came right onto the bed. Edwin smiled, slowly pulling out and jerking off for a few seconds, shooting on the bed as well. It wasn’t like anyone was going to be sleeping in it tonight, and the sheets would get washed anyway.

Stuart pulled Edwin into a cuddle and they lay on the bed for a few minutes. “Thanks for not cumming inside,” he muttered, red in the face. “It’s a bitch to clean up.”

Stowaway, 72

Bag of magical portal rings in hand, Pax knocked on the captain’s door.

“Come in,” Natalie answered, and Pax went in, smiling at her. “What do you need?”

“I need Sharon, actually,” he said, glancing at Sharon, who was sitting on Natalie’s bed—their bed—reading, veil on.

She looked up, setting her book down. Pax half-expected it to vanish, but it didn’t. “What can I do for you, Pax?”

Pax held up the bag. “I have some magical rings that can be put on doors to make portals,” he said. He’d practiced making portals with them earlier. They worked, letting him go from his room to the galley. It was very strange. “I’d like it if you could look at them with magic and make sure that they’re not secretly going to kill the people who use them, enslave the people who use them, turn the people who use them into things, transport the people who use them to dangerous or unexpected places, or otherwise have negative or surprising effects on the people who use them.”

Team, 70

The bumps on Mick’s cock rubbed Cal’s lips as he bobbed up and down on it, Mick helping by thrusting up into Cal’s mouth, making sure his balls touched Cal’s nose every time as he sucked Cal down in exchange. To Cal’s right, Wes was sitting almost upright and holding Travis almost upside down as he gagged Travis on his cock and sucked Travis’s in return, and on Cal’s left, Sully was flat on his back doing his best not to choke while Joey thrust happily into his throat, though Cal was sure Joey was putting just as much effort into his own sucking.

Owen had just come and told Cal that they were getting ready to leave, which didn’t leave them a lot of time to decide between a pre-journey snack and a pre-journey orgasm, until Joey had had the idea to combine them.

Dragon, 79

“Everything’s just about ready,” Elaine told Owen, as they watched Lord Draughten’s servants load up the cart that was going to be carrying Darby and Greg, as well as Isabella’s kids.

Owen nodded. “Yeah. I’d say we’ll be ready to go in ten minutes.”

“That’s optimistic of you.”

“I said we’ll be ready to go in ten minutes,” Owen said, smiling at her. “Gavin will need a few more hours. And Cal knows how long it’ll take Darby to get ready.” Owen had never travelled anywhere with him. He was the type of kid who’d either be ready to go in thirty seconds or the type of kid who’d dick around for three hours and it was time to find out which was true.

“Maybe you’d better go tell him to start getting ready,” Elaine said, glancing at the sun, or where the sun would be if it wasn’t so cloudy. “I’d like to leave in an hour or two.”

“I’m not going to tell him that,” Owen told her as he headed for the house. “I’ll tell him you want to leave now, and then he should be ready in an hour or two.”