Stowaway, 52

As it turned out, Gavin who was named after a prince was actually Gavin, the actual prince, which made Pax feel a bit nervous about the whole ‘being slightly threatening in his presence and also criticizing his choice of travelling companions’ thing, but oh well, too late now.

Besides, more pressingly, the big stupid knight who’d tried to cut Nate’s head off was Gavin’s fiancé, and Pax had stabbed him, so oops. Hopefully he didn’t get arrested and beheaded, he really didn’t have time for that.

Pax, you’re not listening to anything he’s saying, are you? Nate asked, the medallion safely around Pax’s neck and inside his shirt. The last thing he needed was Nate getting lost.

Of course I’m listening, Pax scoffed mentally. He’d learned already that he was mentally audible to Nate if he concentrated hard enough, which was convenient, so he didn’t have to go around talking to the air all the time. Don’t assume I’m not paying attention just because my mind is occupied by many other things, Nate. I have the ability to cogitate in many directions at once.

Team, 50

It had been a long day and a lot of people owed each other explanations, so they all kind of gathered on the deck of the large naval flagship. Gavin had started by giving the fleet admiral and Natalie’s people a rundown of how they’d gotten here, which came off as impressively coherent seeing as how it had been a mostly incomprehensible sequence of events for those of them who’d lived through them. Cal was impressed.

“So basically he just invited himself along?” Wes asked Cal quietly.

Cal nodded. “Basically. I think he was bored.”

“Worked out okay for us,” Mick said. “Though now we’re stuck with him for God knows how long.”

“No, I really don’t.” Cal had a feeling it would be a while.

Dragon, 59

“It’s a good thing we took a shortcut here,” Gavin said, crossing his arms. The fleet admiral, Elias Aerchon, an old man whose uniform was torn at the sleeve, looked slightly chastised, which was a not unfair reaction to Gavin crossing his arms. “Since it transpires you’d not have been in Pelican Bay when we came to help.”

“Apologies, your Highness,” the admiral said. “But there was a rather pressing situation involving a dangerous magic-practitioner. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t know you were coming.”

Gavin sighed, looked away. “There is that. You might also have mentioned that had you not left when you did, my people wouldn’t have had a way out of the castle.”