Villain, 103

“Hey, hey, Derek, let’s go on a trip!”

Derek woke up to Scott crawling out of his ear. It was the middle of the night, he could feel it. “Scott, I’m sleeping.”

“I know, stop cheating on me with other demons,” Scott accused, pinching his lips.

Derek snorted. “Sleep is an angel. Tiredness is a demon.”

Team, 113

“Nadya Ovenbrook is trying to destroy the universe,” Derek Arkhewer told them as they followed him down a long hallway dotted with round doors. “I don’t think she realizes that’s what she’s doing, but she is.”

“What does she think she’s trying to do?” Cal asked, mostly curious what Derek’s answer would be. House Arkhewer was the name of the noble house that oversaw Ech’kent in Cal’s world, and it was probably just a coincidence that Derek was also named that.

“Well, I can’t read her mind and we’ve only met once. But from what I’ve seen, I think she thinks she’s going to go back in time and stop Armageddon.”

Cal frowned. “Why would she want to do that?”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Joey asked. “Her world got destroyed.”

Team, 112

“Okay,” Cal said, after the hug had lasted a second. “We’ve been sitting in jail with a time travelling crazy lady who invented the Involuted Clock. What have you guys been doing?”

“Hanging out with time criminals who are trying to stop the time travelling crazy lady from destroying the world,” said Beatrice.

“Got it.” Cal finally looked around the vehicle, which had a few people in mostly green and grey, holding guns. “You really figured there’d be more violence in the breakout, huh?”

Warm Feet

“Why do we have to do this every year?” Sam muttered, leaning against Henry in the car as they fucking finally drove home. He was already taking his tie off and unbuttoning his shirt.

“Because we’re criminals and if we don’t occasionally do a charity benefit then it makes us look bad,” Henry told him, putting an arm around Sam.

“Fuck that. Next year I’m taking over the world so that it doesn’t matter if people think we’re evil.”