Knighthood, 107

“The security for the king’s funeral and the queen’s coronation will be similar to that for the wedding, and I shall oversee it personally,” said Sir Richard, voice grave, hands clasped behind his back.

“With respect, sir,” said Sir Pascal, an older, barrel-chested knight who was shorter than Edwin. “The king was my charge. I would like to have the final honour of overseeing security for his funeral.”

Edwin glanced at Devin to see if he was going to ask the same for Gabrielle’s coronation, but he didn’t say anything. The knight commander had paused, watching Sir Pascal carefully. “Very well,” he said. “The funeral procession will, of course, be the part fraught with the most difficulties. We expect a large crowd and most of the guests from the wedding are still in the city and will require protection as well.”

Others, 50

It was a good day to get married.

It had been a long enough betrothal, though Gabrielle knew that was stupid. Lots of people were betrothed for years and years, the fact that hers had only lasted a year and a half wasn’t such a big deal, even if she had wanted it to be shorter. She’d always liked Remin too, so the first was a good day for their future anniversary to be on.

But none of that was as important as the fact that Gabrielle was happy to be getting married. Not finally getting married or getting it over with or anything like that. It was her wedding day and she was happy.

Others, 49

Devin always cried at weddings.

It was unsightly for him to do so today, because he was supposed to be running security at Gabrielle’s wedding and he could hardly keep an eye out for assassins with water obscuring his vision. But he had anyway, because Princess Gabrielle was important to him, and not just because she was going to be the queen someday.

Though he was her bodyguard, Devin also thought Gabrielle was his friend, and she’d said as much to him several times. It was not a privilege he took lightly, though at the same time, he fully understood that were she to realize he thought their friendship was a privilege, she would disapprove.

Others, 35

“Do you think you’ll get to fuck the princess?” Twig asked, washing between his toes.

Noel shrugged. “I don’t think so? I’m pretty sure Ashton didn’t, at least not since Prince Franz came.”

“Huh,” Twig said. “A knight who doesn’t take advantage of their squire. Weird.”

“Do you think you’ll fuck Sir Owen?” Noel asked, before pouring water over his head.

“Don’t know,” Twig muttered, smiling as he pictured that. Sir Owen lived in the castle, but he was a real person, so he used the fortress baths sometimes, and he looked good naked. Even if they didn’t fuck, Twig would get to see him like that a lot, which was cool. “He’s got a fiancé and a boyfriend, so he’s clearly committed but also not that into monogamy. Plus everyone says Prince Gavin is a skank, which doesn’t really bear on Sir Owen’s preferences. But I maintain hope.”

“And a strong boner.”

Others, 29

Percy didn’t let his orgasm stop him from fucking Edwin for all he was worth. Which was, in his estimation, a considerable amount. Edwin was an outstanding knight by all accounts—his early promotion was proof of that—which was almost a shame, because if he’d gone into a different profession, he could be Three Hill’s highest-paid whore with this ass.

On the other hand, since he was dedicated to protecting the people of Dolovai rather than serving them, that meant Percy got to fuck him for free, which worked out perfectly for him. And based on the noises he was making, it was working pretty well for Edwin, too.

He had Edwin up against the wall in his room, bent forward just enough that his ass was stuck out for easier fucking. Edwin had had cum leaking out of him when Erik had brought him here, and Erik had said this was what they were doing today, going around on Edwin’s last full day as a squire and making sure anyone who was interested knew he was available.

And Percy sure was interested. Edwin was responsive and noisy and clearly wanted this just as much if not more than all of them. He was tied at the wrists by a length of cord that couldn’t possibly be keeping him in place, and when Erik had brought him, he’d followed meekly into the room, stood where he was bid and said nothing but ‘yes, sir,’ when asked if he wanted proper knight cock up his ass.

Prince, 61

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Gabrielle asked.

“I’m sure.”

“I mean, are you sure you’re ready to deal with the consequences of it? There’s going to be fallout.”

“He attacked Silas, Gabrielle,” Franz said. That was all. Silas was fine, he was back at the apartments, awake. He didn’t remember what had happened. Frederick was with him.

Gabrielle sighed. “There are worse reasons to start a war. I will remind you that you have no proof it was him.”

Franz looked out the carriage window as Dominic’s house came into view. “That’s why I’ll be talking to him before I arrest him. I’ll get it out of him.”

Knighthood, 33

“So it is this mage’s opinion that the sword is not dangerous, then?”

“No, sir,” Erik said, shaking his head at the knight commander. “It’s her opinion that the sword isn’t dangerous to Edwin, sir.”

The knight commander nodded slowly, as if hearing some hidden implication in Erik’s words that Edwin had missed. In the end, Elena hadn’t been able to tell Edwin much about the magic sword other than that it was magic. Knowing it had come from an angel made Edwin nervous, but at the same time it was, in its way, reassuring. Angels at least were supposed to be good, so Edwin was probably safe if he had one looking out for him.

But then, angels were also always making people go on stupid quests and shit in stories, and Edwin didn’t want that.

Knighthood, 28

“I hate you.”

“Stop complaining.”

“You like it when I complain, and I’m not complaining, I’m telling you a fact. I hate you,” Edwin said, eyes closed as he sat in the bed, resisting the urge to lay back down because he’d already done that once and Erik had sat on him.

“I have a feeling that’s not really true.”

“It is,” Edwin confirmed. “We’re breaking up and I’m getting married to Ty. He wouldn’t make me get up this early. Especially not for a stupid reason.”