Knighthood, 109

Between the funeral, being there with Gavin and Owen, organizing the protest and trying to track down half of Three Hills’s black market, Edwin really needed these few days off.

He’d been in the bath for ten minutes and was falling asleep, so he should either get out and have a nap, or stay in the bath and have a nap. He was too tired to decide which was better, though.

“Do you want me to help you wash?” Nikolai asked, done changing the sheets on the bed even though Edwin hadn’t slept in it last night. He and Nigel seemed to think Edwin didn’t know that they fucked in his bed when he wasn’t there, even though they didn’t hide it at all.

“Nah,” Edwin said, shifting a little. “Thanks, though. I’ll definitely fall asleep if you do that.”

Team, 105

Cal really should have thought through his belief that it would just take a few days of fucking to get rid of the temporal vertigo.

Well, no, he’d been right about that. What he should have considered was that dragons were always horny at the least convenient times, and so of course the temporal vertigo had triggered Joey’s rut.

Joey drew blood when he bit Cal’s shoulder, holding him tight enough to bruise his hips as he came inside Cal for the eighth time that day. This should be the last day of his rut if it went how it had last time, and Cal was glad. At least since there were so many of them this time, the sex wasn’t nonstop for anyone but Joey. He’d even fucked Juniper and Arky a few times.

Team, 104

After a few seconds, everyone else joined Cal at the top of the hill, looking down at the metal city with him. “Wow!” said Ray, hopping from foot to foot, tail straight up in the air. “Where are we? I’ve never even heard of a city like this!”

“Me either,” said Sully, rubbing his arms. His disguise was down, and so was Mick’s. “Elves used to have some pretty kickass cities, but they didn’t look like this.”

“Could the Clock have taken us way into the future?” Travis asked.

“Or way into the past?” Mick added.

“The stars are wrong,” Beatrice muttered.