Knighthood, 98

Even though Gavin only lived in the one set of apartments, all the rooms in this hallway were his, mostly for his servants and stuff. The castle had servants’ quarters, but it seemed like a lot of Gavin’s personal servants lived in the other rooms here in the hallway.

Edwin wondered if Gavin kept his servants separate from the castle servants intentionally, or if that just happened. He thought Prince Franz had his own servants as well, so maybe it was normal.

Anthony was standing outside one of those rooms, half at attention and clearly only because he saw Edwin coming. Edwin waved at him, peering into the open door, where a bare ass with a rabbit tail was rapidly fucking what could only be Grey Rain. Grey Rain’s legs were splayed to either side and he was occasionally whimpering, a hand showing up now and then to grip at Eddie’s arms.

Dragon, 108

“So it’s up to you how you decide to space out your payments,” Gavin told Edwin, tapping a pen on one of the dozen sheets of paper on their dining table, because Gavin’s desk wasn’t big enough for its one job. “As long as you and Stag Keep have the coin to pay your own taxes, it’s just whatever’s easiest for you.”

“Okay,” Edwin said, frowning. It seemed like he’d probably understood everything Gavin had told him, which was impressive because Owen sure hadn’t. He was really taking the whole landowner thing seriously. “I’ll think about it, but I think I get it now. Thanks—I really did just want you to lend me your accountant or something to explain it, you didn’t have to take time to go through all this yourself.”

Gavin shrugged. “Owen repeatedly tells me to work less.”

“And his solution is to work more,” Owen observed. Behind him, Eddie chittered.

Dragon, 104

“Why did the orgy cost so much?” Owen asked, frowning at an expense sheet.

“It didn’t.” Gavin was writing notes on another sheet.

“Uh.” Owen looked at the expenses again. “Yes, it did? The food cost more than it costs my parents to run their inn for a week.”

Gavin frowned, took the expense sheet and looked at it. “How much did your parents pay you to help at the inn?”

“They didn’t, that’s not how family works.”

Stowaway, 96

“So we decided the…best way to communicate the eschatological message was in rhyme,” Bartholomew panted, on his hands and knees. “So all the original scripture, including, including interpretation of the prophecies, was written in verse.”

“Hm,” said Pax, nodding. “I’d hoped the answer would be more transcendentally meaningful than that, but okay.”


“I said it was okay,” Pax reminded Bartholomew, giving him an extra-hard thrust as a reward. “It must have been frustrating when all the scripture got translated and the rhymes were lost.”

“A little,” Bartholomew agreed, hanging his head. “But that’s how languages work. You can’t change linguistic drift—we tried.”

Stowaway, 94

Being back home was fabulous. The Coral Witch was where he lived and where all his things were as well as all his friends and most of his family, and it was nice to be able to be on a moving deck again and be around his human friends minus Denver, and to have air on his face and to not have to worry about what constant exposure to salt water was doing to his skin and also his brother Cyrus was here.

“Hi,” said Pax’s brother Cyrus, waving at Pax while Pax blinked several times. “Sorry it took me so long to visit.”

“That’s quite all right,” Pax assured him, recovering more quickly than presumably expected. “You are, I presume, very busy in your current career as the agent of an omniscient spider demon who secretly runs the world and I am of course also very busy in my current career as the acting first mate on a ship that doesn’t technically count as part of the world by some definitions, not to mention all the merdiplomacy I just did, which was really very impressive. I can’t claim to have discovered the undiscovered continent that I discovered while I was down there because the merpeople discovered it many generations ago and also people probably live there, but for the purposes of history books I’ll be the human credited with the discovery, so that was really remarkable, as long as any remarks include the full context, which they will, because I’ll be making them.”

Good to see you again, Cyrus, Nate put in. Pax and I were just on our way to have sex at the helm.

Dragon, 98

Gavin was writing a bunch of letters to people out east to bully them about what they were going to bring to Gabrielle’s wedding, and Owen was helping by eating his ass while he did it.

“Adrianna Yetnakker’s already said she can’t come, which is weird since she said it before she even knew when the wedding was,” Gavin muttered to himself. “Her husband is coming, though, so he can bring some furniture with him. Oh, and his cousin has all those spice merchants on his payroll, so…”

Owen caressed Gavin’s thighs as he worked, licking around Gavin’s asshole thoroughly. He wasn’t jerking Gavin off at his request, he wanted to cum just from this.

“I kind of wish we didn’t have to invite House Huntrose, but they are our cousins, I guess.” Gavin sighed. “Do cousins of this calibre even count as family? They’re like, not even my cousins, their parents are my dad’s cousins. I could fuck Ira Huntrose right now and it wouldn’t even be incest.”