Knighthood, 107

“The security for the king’s funeral and the queen’s coronation will be similar to that for the wedding, and I shall oversee it personally,” said Sir Richard, voice grave, hands clasped behind his back.

“With respect, sir,” said Sir Pascal, an older, barrel-chested knight who was shorter than Edwin. “The king was my charge. I would like to have the final honour of overseeing security for his funeral.”

Edwin glanced at Devin to see if he was going to ask the same for Gabrielle’s coronation, but he didn’t say anything. The knight commander had paused, watching Sir Pascal carefully. “Very well,” he said. “The funeral procession will, of course, be the part fraught with the most difficulties. We expect a large crowd and most of the guests from the wedding are still in the city and will require protection as well.”

Knighthood, 100

“I will be personally overseeing the wedding’s security,” said the knight commander, hands folded on his desk. “With Sir Devin working out the specifics. Given that the whole royal family will be present for the duration of the event, you will all be put under his command. The castle guard will comprise most of the security, and the city guard will be stationed outside the First Church to ensure order. Sir Elaine, you will liaise with the captains of those two forces to ensure continuity of protection.”

Elaine nodded, and Edwin was profoundly grateful he hadn’t been stuck with that job. “Yes, sir.”

“Given the security issues at the last several royal events, we’ll be searching all guests—no matter who they are—for weapons before they’re allowed into the cathedral and again before they can be allowed into the palace afterwards. Sir Edwin will be in command of that operation, and Sir Elaine can negotiate with the captains of both guards to have them spare some people to help speed the searching along.”

Oh. Edwin nodded. “Yes, sir.” He didn’t need to look around the room to know that was the crappiest job on the security detail. The royal wedding was a huge deal and over a thousand people were attending. The city guard didn’t play well with the order and wouldn’t like being under a knight’s command. If there were delays getting people inside—which there would be—they’d be Edwin’s fault.

If there was any kind of security breach like there always was, it would be Edwin’s fault. There were easily four hundred people doing security for the wedding, but anything that went wrong would be Edwin’s fault.

Others, 35

“Do you think you’ll get to fuck the princess?” Twig asked, washing between his toes.

Noel shrugged. “I don’t think so? I’m pretty sure Ashton didn’t, at least not since Prince Franz came.”

“Huh,” Twig said. “A knight who doesn’t take advantage of their squire. Weird.”

“Do you think you’ll fuck Sir Owen?” Noel asked, before pouring water over his head.

“Don’t know,” Twig muttered, smiling as he pictured that. Sir Owen lived in the castle, but he was a real person, so he used the fortress baths sometimes, and he looked good naked. Even if they didn’t fuck, Twig would get to see him like that a lot, which was cool. “He’s got a fiancé and a boyfriend, so he’s clearly committed but also not that into monogamy. Plus everyone says Prince Gavin is a skank, which doesn’t really bear on Sir Owen’s preferences. But I maintain hope.”

“And a strong boner.”

Knighthood, 84

“For the first few weeks we’ll do this together,” Elaine told Edwin, rolling up the schedule they’d worked out. “After that you’ll handle the scheduling for the younger princes’ guard and just bring it to me for approval. I don’t plan to disapprove of it unless it’s obviously stupid, which it won’t be.”

That last part was clearly an order, and Edwin nodded. “No, sir.”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“What? You’re still my boss.”

“I am, but we don’t need to stand on ceremony when we’re alone. Just Elaine is fine.”

Edwin sighed. “The world was so much easier when I just called everyone sir.”

Dragon, 91

Joey jumped at Owen, which was his mistake.

Owen pushed him backwards while he was in midair, making him land on his ass with a grunt. Joey glared up at Owen, reached out with his tail. Owen lifted up a foot to avoid being grabbed and Joey tackled his other leg, earning himself a knee to the jaw even as he pulled Owen to the ground. As Owen was standing, Joey planted his tail on the ground and kicked as hard as he could, taking Owen in the face, which hurt a lot.

Owen grabbed Joey’s ankle before he could pull it back and stood up, rubbing his cheek. “Ow,” he said, dangling Joey off the ground. Sparring with Joey was fun because he fought unlike any human, but if Joey had one actual draconic quality, it was his inability to control his own strength.

“Let me go!” Joey’s tail snapped out again, but Owen caught it this time and held him there, not doing anything, just holding him in the air helplessly while he flailed and kicked Owen. “Let me go!”


Knighthood, 75

Edwin’s ass hurt, but what else was new?

He was also a bit tired on account of having stayed up until almost dawn getting fucked over and over, and by two cocks at once in all combinations of Erik, David and Quentin, as well as by Stuart and Parry at the end of the night, just for fun. But it wasn’t really a big deal, since nothing major was happening today. They were all just standing around behind the inn, waiting for Gavin and Owen to stop fucking in the stable or whatever they were doing that was taking so long. Once they came, everyone could go to the capital and that would be the end of the mission, and Edwin and Erik could go to bed in the fortress and sleep until tomorrow.

Well, after being debriefed by Sir Devin or someone, but that wasn’t a big deal because Edwin probably wouldn’t have to talk. As long as nobody mentioned anything about the demons. Or the sea serpent. Or the sex he was having with the prince.

Or Rudy.

Knighthood, 73

When we walk home, I’ll show you all the garden. It has a lot of flowers at this time of year.

Edwin wasn’t sure if he knew that last word was ‘year’ because he remembered it, or if it was just because it was obvious in context. It was probably the latter, but he told himself that was how knowing words worked anyway. It wasn’t like they meant anything on their own.

No it doesn’t, Darby shook his head as he signed at Owen, grinning. Edwin didn’t catch whatever came next because it was too fast, but it was pretty clear that he was messing with Owen, especially when Owen incorporated a kick into his retort, and Darby stuck his tongue out.

They were cute together. They even had some of the same mannerisms, which was crazy since they’d only known each other for a while. Edwin…hoped that he could have a relationship like that with his kid.

Owen turned to look at Edwin. And flowers can grow in winter. Right, Edwin?

Knighthood, 70

Edwin sucked Denver in tune with his breathing, moving up and down, hands on Denver’s sides. His mouth was already full of the taste of Denver’s cum from a while ago, but that wasn’t stopping Denver anymore than his own orgasm twenty minutes back was stopping Edwin from thrusting deeper into Denver’s mouth with every suck.

Louis helped with that, burying and unburying himself in Edwin’s ass every thrust. He hadn’t been here when Edwin and Denver had started; he’d woken up before them and taken a quick flight up to his cave. The people in Techen’s Stand had torn down a building somewhere and Edwin had convinced them to let Louis have the bit of wall that still had the front door in it. Edwin had put a portal ring on it and Louis had taken it to his cave.

It turned out a door was still a door even if it was just leaning up against a stone wall. Louis had come back a bit ago and joined in like he’d never been gone.

Dragon, 84

“If it’s what you want, I can have someone try and figure out a way to change you back,” Gavin said, sitting on the back of a chair in their house, addressing the crowd of people Darby and Cal’s team had saved from under the warehouse. As Owen had suspected, he’d taken no issue with them all moving into their house. “I can’t promise anything, but I can at least tell someone to try.”

“And what do you want in exchange?” The leader of the group seemed to be this lady who reminded Owen really intensely of his mom. She had cat ears, brownish hair, and was pretty skinny. Her name was Rhonda.

“Nothing,” Gavin told her, shaking his head. “You are all free to stay here, come with me back to the capital, or leave as you see fit. I’ll hire you if you want jobs, or I can help you find them elsewhere. This house is mine; you can live in it if you want. I’ll be using magic to connect it to my house in the capital in a few days, you can also come there if you like. It’s entirely up to you.”