Daddy’s Boy

“You’re going to be fine, baby,” Erik said, rubbing a circle on John’s back.

John took a deep breath, then exhaled. Erik wasn’t dumb. ‘Baby’ wasn’t just a pet name for him. It centered him, made him feel okay even when he wasn’t. It made it easy for him to do things that were hard. It was a strong word for John.

Calling Edwin ‘little brother’ had used to have a similar effect. Erik didn’t know if it still would, even if they did manage to patch things up and get back together. The swim meet had gone well, which was a good sign.

But Edwin couldn’t be the only thing Erik worried about anymore. John needed his help too. “Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for coming with me.”

Warm Up

Hey! I think they jerked my race time off so it might be a while before I’m up if you want to go out and get lunch or something!

Robby felt bad lying to Edwin, but it was necessary. He sent the text, then he copied it and sent it to Erik too. It was the last swim meet of the year and Robby’s parents couldn’t take him, but Robby had really wanted to go because it was a really big meet and it was one of the provincial qualifiers, so Edwin had sucked Owen off and taken him, which was awesome of him. He’d said he’d be happy to take Robby to any of his meets that his parents couldn’t make, which was even more awesome of him.

Robby had invited Erik because Erik had been getting so much less shitty and he thought this might be a safe place for him to talk to Edwin and see if they could work things out at least a little.

But the problem was now they were both here, and they were going to see Robby.

Addicts Anonymous

It was brisk outside and Erik had a light jacket on, but Juniper was just wearing a t-shirt. He was on the phone in the parking lot, leaning on a car that wasn’t his, since he didn’t have a car, or at least that was what he’d told Erik when Erik had driven him home last time.

“Listen, all I’m saying is that it’s going to screw with people’s heads,” Juniper was saying, sounding agitated. “Like, if I’m reading the story, it’s going to be like, why is this idiot in two places at once? It’s going to seem like a continuity error.”

As far as Erik knew, Juniper was someone’s personal assistant in his day job and a sculpture artist on the side. Maybe he also had a gig as someone’s editor, what did he know?

“Yes, I get that time travel is happening. I was literally there when the time travel happened. I’m just saying that…no, I’m not calling your audience stupid. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Listen, I’m going to my meeting. Try not to be annoying for ten minutes.”

Dragon, 103

Owen was bent over, hands flat on the floor, looking out into the long hall of Stag Keep as Sir Edwin fucked him from the main chair that he refused to let anyone call a throne. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the view was good and Edwin had wanted to fuck Owen on his throne, so Owen had put his ass where it was needed.

All around the hall and in the rest of the keep, people were fucking in various shapes and sizes. Edwin’s second knighthood ritual had gotten off to a great start and was going strong a little while later. Owen had a feeling they’d be up all night.

“We definitely have to do this more often,” Edwin panted, slapping into Owen’s ass hard, his breathing loud even over all the noise in the hall. “You look good like that.”

“Uh-huh,” Owen agreed, feeling Edwin’s cock inside him, how hard it was. It was a good feeling, a good thing to focus on. He tried to relax his back so he didn’t pull anything, letting Edwin take care of him and watching Gavin and Ray fuck on one of the couches that had been brought down into the hall.

Graduation Day

Dressed in a suit that was the perfect amount of tight, Robby waited outside, tapping his fingers against his leg. He needed to get inside in a few minutes, and he couldn’t wait much longer. But he’d promised he would wait.

Hopefully this wasn’t a terrible idea. He was pretty sure it wasn’t. Even if it didn’t work out how he’d hoped, he thought it was worth at least trying. At least once.

Everyone deserved at least one second chance.