Knighthood, 94

“Hey, you know what stupid shit Ty told me?” Robby asked, fiddling with a button on his coat with his free hand. His other hand was in Edwin’s as they walked down the road.

“What?” Edwin asked, thinking about Ty, who’d left the city a few hours ago on a mission to fight goblins somewhere. Edwin had meant to go see him off, but they’d left while he’d still been on duty.

“He said that on your first day in the training school they strip you naked and make you fight the best guy there. Isn’t that stupid?” Robby laughed.

“That’s really stupid,” Edwin agreed. “They let me keep my smallclothes on.”

Stowaway, 9

“I want to clarify that Nate and I weren’t doing anything indecent when you saw us the other day,” Pax said suddenly, batting aside a plant with a stick.


“Yes.” Pax nodded at the captain. She hadn’t brought it up in the three days since it had happened and so he hadn’t either, but Pax could feel the weight of the captain’s disapproval on his back and he couldn’t take the oppressive silence on the issue anymore, so it was time to speak up.

That they were alone on a trail, searching for water on an uninhabited island and Nate off searching somewhere else was a coincidence. “Yes,” Pax said again. “I realize what it appeared to be, but nothing indecent at all was happening. You see, I was just having a problem with my pants…”

“You mean in your pants.”