Others, 45

“It’s just, it’s not fair that everyone decides what I’m like before they even meet me,” said Evander Magna Demna Aergyn, Imperial prince.

Robin thought it was pretty fair to decide what he was like before meeting him, because even if he’d turned out to be more of a whingy kid than he’d expected, he was still an entitled Imperial who thought the whole world belonged to him by virtue of existing. “You’re right,” said Robin, to the boy whose family was winning the worldwide racism contest. “It’s not fair to decide your opinion of people before you meet them.”

Evander nodded, a huge pout all over his face and the rest of his body. “All I’ve done since coming to Qonvel Redda is almost get murdered and then be faced with scorn everywhere I’ve gone since. I was almost murdered! The people here are the ones who should be feeling bad about themselves, not me!”

Soothsayer, 16

“So what is the Tin Scale?” Maple Song asked, tracing the elaborate black tattoo that now adorned Mads’s back.

“It’s called the Sentinel,” Dream Fox corrected. He was sitting beside Mads, tugging at his foreskin curiously, as if he hadn’t had it his whole life.

“That’s what I said.”

Stowaway, 106

“If you ask me,” said Pax, whom nobody had asked, “the Clan of Kozna’s plan had too many steps, was unnecessarily complicated and was poorly explained overall.”

“Since we’re still here to talk about it,” Jacob said, cleaning one of his knives. “I guess so.”

“I know so.” Pax did know. “Why did they summon their god in the tower using a sacrifice ritual that was powered by deaths occurring in the harbour? Why was there a second ritual to bind the god to this world, which was taking place underneath a church a half kilometre away from both those places? All of these different rituals could easily have been one ritual that took place in one place.”

“Maybe they thought splitting it up would make it harder for people to stop?” Cyrus asked. He’d been writing something for a few minutes, which Pax supposed was probably a letter to Klaus. This seemed wholly unnecessary since Klaus was doubtless present in Narwhal Junction, being that he was omnipresent and Narwhal Junction was included in the realm of omni, which was the name of a large jellyfish that had long ago consumed the world, including its northernmost continent.

Stowaway, 105

There were rather a lot of people fleeing the vicinity of the tower, which was probably because clouds were swirling above it and also it was glowing a little bit, which in Pax’s personal experience, towers didn’t usually do unless something was rather impressively wrong.

The tower was glowing blue, which created a striking and unique visual against the orange sky. Pax considered it for a moment. “So,” he said. “We know the torture cult is headquartered here. We also know the spell circle that was transcribed as a number puzzle on an abandoned Enjoni ship is carved on the ceiling of a secret sex room behind the governor’s office. We know the torture cult is trying to summon their evil torture god. And we know the general rules of reality, such as the sky being blue and towers not glowing blue, are not currently functioning in the area around this tower. What can we surmise from this?”

That the cult is using the tower to cast its evil torture god summoning spell? Nate asked.