Easter Knifebunny

What are you up to? Pax texted Nate, as he keyed into Nate’s building.

Nate texted him back immediately, of course. Not much. Just dicking around on Netflix.

They should make a porn version of Netflix, Nate followed up as Pax went inside. Netdicks.

Team, 106

“Okay,” said Cal, sitting on the hill and looking down at the shining city. “So we need to get in there, find whatever stuff Bob needs, and then get out. Preferably without getting spotted.”

“There are kind of a lot of us for that,” Beatrice said, tapping her knee through the hole in her pants. Bob had summoned some clothes for all of them that were based on what the versions of them who lived on Earth wore, so Beatrice was wearing pants cut from a thick blue fabric with holes in it and a black shirt with only thin straps on the shoulders that showed off a lot of cleavage.

“Yeah,” agreed Cal. For his part, he had on a pair of frayed shorts and a white shirt with no sleeves. The utter lack of pockets in the shorts was irritating the hell out of him, but it wasn’t like he had anything to put in them anyway. “It’s better if two or three of us go in alone. I think me, Travis and Bob.”

Cheeky Brat

Hey, send me a dick pic for science.

Nolan sighed as the elevator doors slid shut. Science?

Yeah, it’s that thing where you learn stuff, Niall texted back. No, this was definitely Russ using Niall’s phone. Nolan was getting better at telling them apart. Come on, I need one for comparative purposes.

You have several, Nolan reminded them. He’d send more than enough pictures of his dick to Russ and Niall over the last few months, ever since they’d taken over his life.

Yeah, but I want a new one for science! Russ complained. They attached a picture of their own, of their dick pointed at the camera while a dildo disappeared into their ass in the background. I mean if you don’t want to send one that’s fine, I can just send the old ones to Daddy.

Lost Boy

“Thanks for walking me here,” Frederick said to Mike, letting go of his hand as they neared the mall’s front entrance.

Mike nodded, not quite letting go of Frederick’s hand at the same time. “Of course. It’s dangerous. You could have been kidnapped or stabbed or robbed.”

All of those things were hypothetically possible, Frederick supposed. “I appreciate it. Do you want to come in with me? Make sure I don’t get robbed in the mall?” It was going to be pretty busy.

“Yes,” Mike said. He took a breath. “But I can’t. Sorry. I have to report to…my mom. She’ll get mad if I don’t tell her what I’m up to.”

Best Boy

Mads’s cock was comfortingly hard in Nuka’s ass when he woke up on Christmas morning, so it was pretty much guaranteed to be a good day as far as Nuka was concerned.

Mads himself was way less awake than his cock was, one hand on Nuka’s back and the other splayed somewhere useless. Nuka rose up a little, not enough that either of them would lose too much warmth, but enough that he could move.

Back and forth Nuka went, Mads’s cock sliding farther into him, then pulling out. Nuka never let him all the way out. Mads groaned in his sleep, sliding his hand up Nuka’s back, that other hand coming back to rest on Nuka’s ass where it belonged, squeezing him lethargically. Nuka kissed Mads’s chest and shoulders gently, slowly fucking himself on Mads’s cock.

Villager, 5

“Goodnight, Otis.”

“It’s Odin, actually,” Odin told Tommy, cleaning up the cups from his table, trying to decide if he could hold all of them so he didn’t have to come back. He could probably pick them all up, but he was less sure about them all getting to the sink, so he only took one in each hand.

Tommy blinked, peering at Odin as if he’d never seen him or his hair before. “You sure? I was there when they named you.”

Odin shrugged. “So was I. Goodnight.” Tonight was the night the bandits were going to burn Tommy’s house down, so Odin should probably be nicer to him, but he didn’t really want to. Plus, it was really late and nobody had come running to say anyone’s house was on fire.