Others, 56

Dream Fox woke up with his dad’s cock in his ass, and he smiled as he pressed back against him. He had a sleep boner, which he didn’t touch, just laying there, letting the sleep leave his brain while his dad made him feel nice.

He did wonder how long Dad had been going before Dream Fox had woken up. It felt pretty early, but Dad normally left pretty pretty early, and he was taking his time. He usually went pretty fast but this morning he was fucking Dream Fox slowly, like he was breakable.

It was a bit boring, actually, but Dad had never really understood what Dream Fox needed.

Knighthood, 95

Edwin woke up sore, laying on his belly with Grey Rain on top of him and Grey Rain’s dick still inside him.

He yawned, wondering how late it was. Owen was still in bed with them, also asleep. To be fair, Edwin had fallen asleep while Grey Rain had still been pounding his ass into oblivion, and Owen had probably stayed up until that was done. He wasn’t Sir Babysitter yet, after all.

Owen was half sitting at the head of the bed, and that didn’t matter as much as the fact that Owen’s dick was basically right there in Edwin’s face. He was still sleeping, but Edwin knew how much he loved an early morning blowjob, so he figured there was no reason not to pounce on an opportunity that was literally in licking distance.