Prince, 106

It seemed weird to Franz that the funeral and the coronation were on the same day. In Kyaine, a coronation was supposed to be held as soon as possible after the death of the previous monarch, and then the funeral after that. Having them on two different days just made sense to Franz, but apparently not to the Dolovins, so the coronation was about to start even though they’d just finished burying Gerard.

It was a lot for one day. It was a hard day.

Backdoor Pilot

Augustus doesn’t understand how flying a Taxa fighter jet into the middle of nowhere is part of his training, which means either that it isn’t part of his training or that it’s part of some super awesome training programme he’s been selected for because he’s so cool.

It’s probably the second thing, he decides, though that doesn’t explain why Nathan is here with him. “Why are we bringing him?” he asks his mentor.

Lieutenant Syber Python doesn’t look up from the report he’s reading, even though he can interface with his unireader without visual input. “Because you are training partners and as such, your training should all be carried out in tandem, Cadet.”

Prince, 105

Franz was on his third cup of tea of this sitting and he had to go pee, but he made himself wait until he was done reading over the document in his hand, which was a summary of grain production on House ven Sancte’s farms.

Once he’d gotten the most important parts of it he set it down. “I’ll be right back,” he said to Boey and Silas, and he went to pee, grateful for the distraction. Once Gabrielle was crowned after Gerard’s funeral, he was going to officially be queen-consort, which added a whole lot of things into his life that hadn’t been there before. Managing all of House ven Sancte’s lands, for one.