Chosen One, 104

Isaac hadn’t known that minstrels were funny. He’d just kind of assumed that they sang and maybe danced a bit, but the show he and Garrett had been to had been full of jokes, mostly of the horny variety, as well as some poems and some acting. He’d also done magic tricks—not the kind Isaac could do, but the kind that performers did for kids, like pulling birds out of hats and stuff. He’d pulled a rooster out of Garrett’s pants and gotten very handsy with Isaac while making an eggplant disappear.

After that, they’d gone to eat at a fancy restaurant, and Isaac had eaten a bunch of food from a place called G’Ablyn, which he’d never heard of, but where they apparently liked thick noodles with salty sauce on them, and they were right to like that. Isaac didn’t normally drink, and neither did Garrett but they’d both decided to have one cup of the hot alcohol they served at the restaurant, and now Isaac was giggling a lot as he and Garrett went up the stairs to the room they’d rented for the night.

“You, I think you planned all this,” Isaac accused, leaning on Garrett while Garrett tried to find the key for the door.

“Nope, the getting drunk was an accident,” Garrett said.

Isaac didn’t think he was drunk, he was just having a good night. “I meant the date. You planned the whole date.”

Others, 37

Garrett only owned two formal shirts and one of them didn’t fit him, but somehow it had still taken him half an hour to decide what to wear for his date with Isaac.

“Do you want to take everything off and put it all one more time?” Thomas asked, tossing a ball up and down in his bed. “I don’t think you’ve gotten your personal best time yet.”

“Shut up,” Garrett muttered, fixing his hair in their mirror. “Just because you can’t get a date doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t care.” And Garrett’s date was with Isaac. It was a big deal. He had to be impressive. He kept not being as cool as Isaac thought he was, not as smart or as badass or whatever. He had to get tonight right.

Chosen One, 99

“Hey,” said Garrett, hanging out outside Juno’s classroom at the end of the day.

“Hey,” Isaac said. “What’s up?”

“Two things,” Garret told him. “First, I want to go on a date.”

Oh. Isaac broke into a grin. “Okay. Are you free tonight?”

“No,” Garrett laughed. “But in a little while. I got tickets to that minstrel show next week and I figured we could go if you were still interested?”

Chosen One, 92

Isaac kissed Peter slowly, not letting up as he went, exploring his mouth with his tongue. He was sitting in Peter’s lap, riding his dick while making out with him. They were on a couch in the dorm’s biggest common room, celebrating Peter’s birthday.

Isaac wasn’t going to let anything else that had happened ruin this for Peter. Klaus and everything else could just wait one day. Garrett had been sick this morning, but he was feeling better, well enough that he was at the party. Almost everyone Isaac cared about was here, and they were having a good time, and Isaac intended to keep it that way.

It wasn’t an orgy—yet—but Isaac and Peter weren’t the only ones having sex, or at least they hadn’t been when they’d started. Peter had been getting birthday blowjobs all day, starting with the one from Isaac that had woken him up and going all the way to just a bit ago when he’d gotten one from Colby right here on this couch. Isaac had climbed into his lap after for his own turn.

It was a good thing Isaac’s second present for Peter had been a nice spell to keep him energetic all day. A while after the party had started, around when people had started to take clothes off, he’d put another one around the room, which nobody had objected to.

Chosen One, 91

Thomas had Klaus’s threads on him. So did Neil and Ezekiel, and Samantha and Darla, and Isaac wasn’t done checking all the girls yet because he didn’t share a dorm with them. It was harder to check apprentices and faculty, but Isaac had found strings on one apprentice he didn’t know well named Rita, as well as on Elijah, Audry and two other faculty.

He was everywhere, even more than Isaac had thought he would be. Doing this spell had been a huge mistake. How was Isaac supposed to live his life knowing this about so many people? How was he supposed to spend time with his friends knowing that Klaus could be controlling them, watching him?

He didn’t want to think like that. It had been one thing when he’d known it was Nicholas, because Nicholas was one person. He didn’t want to spend all his time worrying about everyone he met. But he didn’t know how to make himself not think about it now that he knew. Klaus was everywhere.

Chosen One, 82

Isaac smiled as he watched Peter and Jacob draw lots to decide which of them was going to fuck him first. They’d both offered the spot to each other, which was very nice of them, and had both seemed insistent that the other take it, but Isaac had been wanting them to fuck him for over two weeks now and he didn’t want to see his boyfriends fight, so he’d suggested this as a solution.

Well, two solutions. Isaac’s contribution at the beginning of the argument had been that they fuck him together, but that had been vetoed. Apparently he was only well enough to take one dick at a time today. Maybe if he did a particularly good job bottoming—which he would—they would realize how dumb that was.

Peter glanced at Isaac just as Jacob was about to pick his, and Isaac gestured, shuffling the lots in the bowl while Jacob reached inside with his eyes shut. He waited for Peter to draw his before either of them looked at them.

Jacob blinked as they showed them. Peter smiled. “Guess that’s that.”

Chosen One, 74

Baker was barking, which was Isaac’s fault.

Following his attempts to contact Oliver and Yancy, Isaac had tried to go to do the same for his friends, but they’d been in class and had interpreted his touches as just someone messing around. Or at least that was what Isaac had interpreted from everyone’s reactions. So he’d gone back to his dorm room. Jacob was napping, so Isaac had tried to pet Baker.

Baker liked being pet. Baker did not like being pet when he couldn’t smell or hear or see the person petting him, and he’d freaked out. Jacob had woken up, but Isaac figured it was better to let him deal with Baker than bother him.