Villain, 79

“I’ve a theory,” Hadrina said, as she and Sam ate the terrible breakfast. Sam still hadn’t bothered asking what it was. “About your power. I’m not certain it’s correct.”

“If you were, it wouldn’t be a theory,” Sam said, rolling his eyes. He hated eating with her. It reminded him of eating with Solomon, except when he wanted to gag there were no siblings here for him to aim at.

“I suppose that’s true. Clearly you don’t have access to the portions of the Web that aren’t your own.”

“Clearly.” They’d tried for two days, Hadrina clumsily telling Sam where the other strands should be, and Sam failing to find them. They’d given up last night, mutually deciding that one of them would die if they tried for another day.

Villain, 77

There was a spring with a waterfall about ten minutes from Hadrina’s house. It was freezing cold, but it was the closest thing Sam had to a bath in this horrible place, so he’d started using it every day. A little bit of magic made the water warm while he was in it, at least.

How long had he been here in the hold? A week or two? A day or two? Time didn’t seem to pass in here, so he had no idea. This was the sixth time he’d used this spring, but the days all felt so long, it was hard to say if that meant anything at all.

The deepest part of the pool came up to Sam’s nipples, and he stood there, just in the spray of the waterfall, arms spread, trying to find something resembling quiet even with the water roaring beside him. At least it drowned out the whooshing wind in the rest of the barren hold.

A hold was something all gods could create, but most gods couldn’t control the interior of. Hadrina had admitted that Sam’s had likely been created for him when she had forced it open when he’d been an infant, so Sam chose to blame her for its design. It probably would have been less empty if he’d done it himself. And had more torture racks and interesting shit, instead of Hadrina’s boring as fuck rocks. Someday he’d figure out how to redecorate the fucking place, and then it would be worth being in. But for now, it was a pointless room he could escape to if he ever wanted to be out of his castle and in a hellscape devoid of life or value.

Villain, 75

Sam had expected the bed in Hadrina’s stupid stone house to be as hard as everything else, but instead it had been too soft, the mattress made from straw that poked into him if he turned the wrong way. He’d slept, but not very well in the end, and not very long, if the grogginess behind his eyes was any indication.

Sam had kicked the fuzzy blanket off in his sleep and it was bunched up beside him, annoying him from his left. He wanted to go back to sleep, but now that he wasn’t exhausted he wasn’t going to be able to and he knew that. He was also painfully hard against his belly.

Sam sighed and grabbed his dick, figuring he may as well deal with one problem before he had to get up and deal with an even harder one one. He started jerking off, not really that interested. It was like pulling teeth but not as fun, that annoying, mechanical jerk off session that didn’t do anything but put a cramp in his hand and certainly didn’t alleviate the throbbing sensation in his cock.

He should think of something, Sam figured. Something horny so he could get off and get this over with. He thought about being in his own bed in the castle, his nice sheets against him, touching his skin. Henry beside him, no, underneath him. Yeah, that was it, Henry was underneath him, Sam was on his knees, jerking off while Henry panted and bled underneath him, reaching up and…

Villain, 73

Sam scowled, the sensation of his leg un-breaking making all his muscles twitch. “Is that supposed to surprise me?” he demanded. “Force me to have an epiphany and reconsider my behaviour towards a liar and their stupid house? Fuck you. My mother died when I was a baby.”

“No she didn’t,” said Hadrina, taking her hand away from Sam. “She abandoned you.”

Sam grabbed her wrist as it retreated. It was thin, bony. “And why would she choose now to kidnap me?”

“To save your life, you mean. You bit off far more than you could chew, trying to fight that demon. You’d have died had I not intervened.”

“I didn’t ask for your help,” Sam growled, squeezing harder. This bitch may have taken away his new power, but he wasn’t afraid of her.

She jerked her wrist away, breaking his hold. “Did you not just hear me? You may not have asked for it, but you needed it, and it’s hardly my fault you’re an emotionally stunted ball of insecurity who doesn’t know how to swallow his pride and ask for help when he’s bleeding to death.”