Slavery, 100

“You have to actually come visit us,” Simon said to Hugh, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. “Not just pretend you are.”

“I’ll actually come visit,” said Hugh, leaning on a bag. He’d packed up his clothes, the clothes Daniel had paid for, into a bag to take with him. He didn’t even need them. Apparently Cassius was going to make him stay naked for the rest of his life. Hugh even seemed excited about that. But he was bringing the clothes anyway. “You can come visit me too.”

“Yeah,” said Marcus. “We will.”

They wouldn’t. Daniel didn’t need to wait for it to happen to know that. Maybe Hugh would come visit them a few times. But Marcus and Simon weren’t going to want to go get fucked by a dragon just to see Hugh. They’d be sad about it at first, then they’d get over it.

Daniel had already gotten over it. If that was what Hugh wanted, then let him have it. Daniel was happy for him.

Slavery, 98

Daniel hummed to himself as he went back to the room, a silly song he’d made up about horses while looking at one of the huge paintings in the Master’s room. He was in a good mood because he’d been allowed to have cake after supper since he’d been such a good boy all day.

It was so easy to make the Master think he was a good boy! All Daniel had to do was do everything he said, eat what he was told and sit where he was told and go to bed when he was told and not talk back, and suck the Master’s dick when he wanted and let the Master put his dick in Daniel’s bum. It was so much easier than where he’d used to live. The Master never yelled at him or hit him and he always told Daniel he was smart and pretty and gave him desserts.

Daniel hoped he could live here forever. The Master was the nicest person he’d ever met. Way nicer than all the stupid people at the docks who’d used to laugh at Daniel and make him do chores for them but then not pay him for them. He was glad he wasn’t stuck there anymore. It was nice and warm here and the Master had promised they could have cookies with breakfast tomorrow if Daniel was good and obedient for the other boys tonight while they were babysitting him.

Slavery, 93

The play was called The Young Lord’s Awakening, and it really wasn’t Daniel’s thing, but that was okay. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it. It was about a bratty noble boy who got kidnapped by bandits and turned into their sex slave, and he just spent the whole play getting more and more invested in being a sex slave until the big comedic moment when his father finally paid his ransom and he refused to go back home because he wouldn’t be allowed to suck cock there.

Over the course of the play various audience members had been allowed to come up and fuck the actor playing the Lord, and Daniel had to say the actor was doing a really good job at still acting his part after getting fucked so many times. Now they were at the part where the bandits had forced the Lord to go home and the poor Lord was trying desperately to find someone to fuck him.

Slavery, 92

“You can’t get pregnant on the first try, right?”

Simon asked that out of nowhere, but somehow Daniel couldn’t feel surprised. Still, it made him and Hugh both look up. Simon was on his belly, fiddling with some cards. Daniel and Hugh looked at each other. “Well, you can’t get pregnant no matter how many times you try,” said Hugh.

“Actually I heard there’s magic that can make that happen,” Daniel said, while Simon scowled. “And I guess if the wizard is doing it right, it probably does work on the first try.”

“Guys,” Simon whinged. “It took me like an hour to decide to bring this up, don’t be assholes.”

Slavery, 85

“Ozzy finally got us tickets to one of those plays,” Daniel told Hugh, as they wandered around the house. “The fuck plays. It’s in a few weeks.”

“Nice,” said Hugh, smiling to himself. “I’m looking forward to that.”

“Me too.” Daniel didn’t care about the fucking, but going to a play again would be fun. “Apparently in some of them they’ll even ask an audience member to come up and do some fucking with them, and we’re sitting in the front. Maybe you’ll even get to be in the play.”

“Oh, God,” Hugh said, blushing. “I hadn’t thought of that. That would be…I think that would be fun.”

Slavery, 83

“I’ll need a few days to properly investigate them,” said Cyrus, back straight on the cushy sofa he was sitting on. “But from what I’ve been able to tell so far, they’re corresponding a lot with someone not in Merket, probably not in the north. I’m betting your mysterious opponents are going to turn out to be nobility from somewhere else in the country, but that’s just a guess.”

“That’s also what I told you last week,” Daniel observed, looking at Theodore. “So now might be a good time to start paying attention.”

The last part was a cover so Theodore didn’t get mad at him for being jealous, which he wasn’t. Daniel was just pointing out that Cyrus wasn’t telling Theodore anything he didn’t already know, which was the latest volley in Daniel’s series of reminders that Theodore asking Cyrus to help them find information about Gertrude and Dwight’s employers was a stupid waste of energy.

“I pay you a considerable amount of attention, Daniel,” Theodore told him, hand idly on Daniel’s leg, right above Daniel’s knife, and he probably thought Daniel didn’t know he was trying to prevent Daniel from touching the knife, but all he was doing was telling Cyrus where Daniel’s knife was, which had the same effect. “I would appreciate it if you could continue your investigation, Cyrus,” said Theodore. “It would benefit us a great deal to know to whom those two are answering.”

Slavery, 78

“Why is it called a blowjob when you don’t blow?” Simon wanted to know, leaning on the table. “You suck.”

“No, you suck,” Marcus retorted, scratching his ear.

Simon smirked, petting Hugh’s hair between his legs. He and Hugh had kept upping the ante in cards until this had been the inevitable conclusion. Daniel had tried to tell Hugh Simon wasn’t bluffing, but what did he know? The idiots were probably going to keep it going as soon as Hugh could see his hand again, too. “Maybe later. But seriously, why is sucking someone’s dick called a blowjob?”

“I don’t know,” asked Ozzy. “Why’s it called a job when it’s fun and you don’t get paid for it?”

“Some jobs pay you by feeding you,” Marcus mused. “You do get a free meal from a blowjob, usually.”

Slavery, 77

“There we go,” said the tailor, putting one last pin in Simon’s pants. “You can go change back now. Try not to disturb the pins.”

Simon nodded, carefully stepping off the little platform and behind a small curtain to change. Daniel was waiting for them to get back to the inn to make fun of him for having asked for it when he and Hugh hadn’t needed it to change clothes. “So this can all be ready in two days?” Daniel asked the tailor after Simon was gone. The curtain didn’t come all the way down to the floor, so he could see Simon’s feet as he stepped out of his pants first.

“Yes, sir,” said the tailor, and Daniel tried not to find that weird. “Come back this time in two days and I’ll have it all altered to fit all of you and your other friends.”

“Thank you,” Daniel said, smiling. “How much do we owe you?”