Noble, 56

Maria DiGorre was Dahlia’s sister-in-law, Felix’s widow. She seemed nice, which wasn’t as important as the fact that she seemed smart. “Is your brother going to hurt my son?” she asked Geoffrey point blank.

“No,” Geoffrey promised her. He and Giacomo had already talked about this. Giacomo wasn’t planning to hurt Francis, the baby Maria was holding. And Geoffrey had made sure he knew that was a good idea. “He might try to teach him to talk with his mouth full, it’s a habit I’ve never managed to get him to break. But he’s not going to hurt him.”

Giacomo would also definitely fuck Francis DiGorre, but not until he was old enough.

Noble, 54

When the knock sounded at the door, Geoffrey didn’t answer right away. He was too busy kissing Javier, whose arms were around him. Geoffrey had his hand in Javier’s pants, undoing his loincloth and playing with him to get him hard.

There was another knock, and Geoffrey ignored that too, as Javier climbed into his lap to kiss him harder. Geoffrey slid his other hand down the back of Javier’s pants, gripping one of his ass cheeks.

At the third knock, Janus looked up from his book. “Are you going to let him in?”

Noble, 53

“Not to be a jerk, but when the hell can we go home?” Janus asked, idly tossing a pillow up and down as he lay on the bed.

“Soon, I’m sure,” Geoffrey said, though he wasn’t at all sure.

“Cool. I just think that if Dahlia and Giacomo were going to hang out in Three Hills all this time and make us wait with them, we could have gone on a trip to somewhere else in Dolovai. I know I said I was cool not to go on a trip but that was when I thought we were going home to do important shit.”

“We’ll go on a trip, then,” Geoffrey promised.

“What, no, I don’t want to because it’s too fucking cold, remember?” Janus turned his head, looking at Geoffrey. The pillow fell on his face and he pulled it aside. “We’ll go on a trip in the summer. Like normal rich people.”

Noble, 52

It was nighttime, it was cold, and Janus was in Geoffrey’s lap kissing him. That last part had happened kind suddenly while they’d been trying to figure out how many hills were in Three Hills and Geoffrey was used to not totally remembering how something horny had started, but he hadn’t had any alcohol tonight.

He wasn’t complaining though, because he had his hot husband in his lap and they were kissing and the last few days hadn’t sucked as much as they could have, so everything was okay. Or as okay as it could be. “I’m sorry,” Geoffrey said, between kisses.

“Stop being sorry for things,” Janus said, lifting Geoffrey’s shirt. “Trying to make out with you.”

Noble, 50

When Gabrielle and Franz ven Sancte walked out of the First Church of the Blessed after the wedding had concluded, Geoffrey slumped in his seat. It had gone just fine. Nobody had died. And that shouldn’t be Geoffrey’s criteria for a wedding going well, but formal events with lots of nobility at them always seemed to involved people dying these days.

But everyone had been on their best behaviour. Which to be fair had been easy when most of their jobs had been to sit there and watch. There was a party after that they’d all be heading to soon, and that was probably where everyone would get poisoned.

Noble, 48

“Do you think the wedding will be bilingual?” asked Janus, head on Geoffrey’s shoulder.

“Probably not?” Geoffrey shrugged the other shoulder. “Maybe. But it’ll probably just be in Daolo.”

“Yeah.” Janus sighed. “Sorry, Dalton.”

“It’s okay.”

“You don’t know Daolo?” Geoffrey asked. “We could teach you some before we get there. It’ll be another week and a half. If you want.”

“I mean…” Dalton shrugged. “Sure, I guess. I’ve been to weddings before, so I can probably figure it out. In the eyes of God I hold you to these vows, in the name of God I bless your union, by the grace of God I declare you married. World peace, amen.”

Noble, 46

Giacomo sat in Geoffrey’s lap for the carriage ride back to the house, resting his head on Geoffrey’s shoulder.

Geoffrey held him, feeling the comforting weight of Giacomo’s body on his, bouncing up and down. He clung a little tighter as they hit a hole. “You know,” Geoffrey said, kissing Giacomo’s head. “Someone really ought to do something about the quality of the roads in this city.”

Giacomo smiled. “I might know a guy who can do that.”

“If you say it’s Hans I’m going to spank you.”

Noble, 40

“The knots aren’t that hard to tie,” Janus said, showing Geoffrey slowly as he tied them. “But it’s important you do them right.”

Geoffrey nodded, focusing carefully on what Janus was doing. “They’re different from other knots?”

“Yeah, because look.” Janus finished the knot and then tapped Dalton’s shoulder, and Dalton tugged, the rope coming undone.

“Oh,” said Geoffrey. “That’s cool.”

“Right?” Dalton asked, grinning. “I’m not going to be able to talk, so this way you don’t have to worry that I’m getting hurt and you don’t have to break the game to check in, unless you want to. If I don’t like it, I’ll let myself out right away, promise.”

Noble, 38

Bertel had a brother named Boas, whose dick twitched a lot in Geoffrey’s mouth as Bertel fucked Geoffrey’s ass with force enough to propel him forward into Boas’s sparce pubic hair. Boas was Giacomo’s age and worked in the kitchen, and he was cute, not that Geoffrey could see him right now.

He wondered if Bertel and Boas fucked in their free time. They hadn’t touched each other since they’d come in the room earlier, but that didn’t mean they didn’t normally. But Geoffrey wasn’t going to ask them that, both because his mouth was full but also because he didn’t want to talk to either of them particularly.

They talked to each other, a bit. “How’s his mouth?” Bertel asked, gripping Geoffrey’s hips so hard. It hurt, but Geoffrey barely felt it.