Chosen One, 116

“You know you are allowed to come with me,” Isaac said, as Peter walked him to the portal. “I think you’d like James.” They were both grumpy and brilliant, so they’d probably get along.

“If you think I would, I’m sure it’s true,” Peter said, holding Isaac’s hand. “But I have homework. Some of us actually take classes at this school.”

“Seems like a mistake,” Isaac teased, sticking out his tongue. “Did you consider having a mental breakdown so that everyone feels bad for you and lets you out of all your classes?”

Others, 39

“James is going to be so cranky when he gets back,” Jay muttered as he and Tanner walked home hand-in-hand.

“He’ll be fine,” Tanner promised, squeezing his hand. “Ron will make sure he’s fine.”

Jay shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t think he’s ever been out of the forest this long.”

“Neither have you, and you’re doing okay.”

Jay rolled his eyes. “I’m not quite the insular weirdo he is.” He appeared to think about it a second, which was cute. And then for another, which was adorable. “I’m a different kind of insular weirdo.”

Witch, 102

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“Too late.”

“It isn’t and I’ve changed my mind.”

“We’re literally already here.”

“We’re leaving.”

“Yes, but not the way we came.”

“You’re not allowed to make this decision. I forbid it.”

“You specifically ordered me to not accept any future order from you that countermanded the order you gave me to make sure you went to the Coven meeting,” Ron reminded him, hand on James’s elbow to gently guide him around a cart laden with bales of hay.

Witch, 97

“Have a good trip.”

“Thanks, we will.”

“We’ll be here when you get back.”

“Of course you will, you don’t go anywhere.”

“Thank goodness.”

“You should come with us sometime, though.”

Ron smiled at Tanner. “That’d be fun. I haven’t been back to Teown’s Sound since I left.”