Witch, 110

“Do we have to share a bed in the hamlet?”


“I wasn’t asking you.”

“I’m going to sleep in the forest.”

“That’s a great idea! You’ll freeze your balls off and be less annoying and less alive.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Oh. Then it’s a stupid idea.”

Chosen One, 70

Leo was on top of Ty, their dicks in each other’s mouths. They were thrusting into each other, pushed by the knights who were fucking each of them. Isaac recognized Sir Percival from the banquet, but he didn’t know the swarthy knight fucking Leo.

They’d been at it for a while now, not counting however long they’d been going before Isaac had arrived. He’d just been curious about what they were up to, since he hadn’t seen either of them since the banquet. He hadn’t planned on watching them have sex with two other knights, and normally Isaac wouldn’t watch someone who didn’t know he was doing it, but it wasn’t like he was hurting anyone and being a ghost left Isaac with very little to do.

“You could go anywhere in the world and you went down the street to watch some people fuck?” Seth asked, appeared behind him and sitting, or appearing to sit, on the table that Isaac was also appearing to sit on.

Isaac shrugged. “Sitting in the academy watching Peter and Jacob and everyone else be sad was just making me sad too. I met Ty and Leo a while ago at a party and I kept meaning to come visit them and never did.”

“And there’s nowhere else you’d want to go?”