Daddy’s Boy

“You’re going to be fine, baby,” Erik said, rubbing a circle on John’s back.

John took a deep breath, then exhaled. Erik wasn’t dumb. ‘Baby’ wasn’t just a pet name for him. It centered him, made him feel okay even when he wasn’t. It made it easy for him to do things that were hard. It was a strong word for John.

Calling Edwin ‘little brother’ had used to have a similar effect. Erik didn’t know if it still would, even if they did manage to patch things up and get back together. The swim meet had gone well, which was a good sign.

But Edwin couldn’t be the only thing Erik worried about anymore. John needed his help too. “Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for coming with me.”

Ex Boyfriend

You didn’t think it was important to tell me before you rented yourself out to everyone you knew?

So what, you’d rather be a whore than have me?

If this is how you’re going to behave, I’m not sure you’re worth my time, Ed.

Erik downed his drink, raised his hand to get another one, not looking up from his empty glass until it was taken away, another replacing it. He wasn’t listening to much, just drinking to get drunk and pass out so he could spend a few hours not hearing all the things he’d said, all the ways he’d ruined his life.

All the ways he’d provoked the one, inevitable thing that had broken the last desire to do anything but drink.

I don’t…think I want to be with you anymore, Erik.