Others, 57

Spencer was tired, but that was just because he hadn’t slept last night.

Isaac hadn’t come home from the king’s funeral, and at first it had been fine, because Spencer and Skip had just assumed that he’d gotten distracted fucking someone, which Isaac often did. But something had felt wrong to Spencer even at the time, and by midnight when Vinnie knocked on their door to ask if they’d heard from him, it had been obvious something was wrong.

He was fine now, he and Oliver and Yancy were all fine now. Eventually Jacob had shown up and told everyone that Isaac had been kidnapped by a gang called the Rock Boys—how Jacob had known that was a mystery, but Spencer had learned to just accept that Jacob knew things, and they’d put together a cool rescue mission and Spencer hadn’t helped that much, but he’d gone with them and now they were back at the gates of the academy and everything was fine, but Spencer was exhausted and it wasn’t even suppertime.

“We have to go and deal with all these guys we arrested,” Leo was saying. He was the only knight who’d come back with them since all the others had taken the Rock Boys to prison. There was something about the city guard not being able to do it so the knights had to, but Spencer wasn’t totally sure what that was about except that Samantha’s uncle was the guard captain and she’d told Spencer once that the city guard were corrupt, so he guessed it made sense. “But I’ll come see you tomorrow?”

Slavery, 110

Daniel’s stomach hurt a little from all the juice he’d drank at breakfast, but it would pass if he just went pee somewhere and had some exercise. He was on his way to the academy, wondering if he should go in through the gates this time or climb over the wall again. They’d probably let him in if he just said he was Isaac’s friend.

He felt like he should think it was weird to just be Isaac’s friend, but it wasn’t, so fuck that. Isaac was nice in a way that nobody Daniel knew was. A little bit like Ozzy but different, somehow. And since they’d be leaving soon, Isaac wanted to see him one more time to say goodbye, and maybe thank you for helping him the other day when he’d been acting like a fucking dumbass.

“Hey, you,” said Ozzy, appearing out of nowhere to walk alongside Daniel just as the academy came into view. “Where you going? We never see each other now that you’re not legally bound to hang out with me. But I’ll remind you you’re still morally bound by the bonds of friendship. Let’s hang out.”

Slavery, 102

“Cannot believe you made me go to the wedding,” Daniel grumbled, as he and Theodore filed into the First Church of the Blessed.

“Now, Daniel,” said Theodore, patting Daniel’s shoulder. “There is no need to be frustrated. The guards were only doing their jobs. They were trained to be thorough.”

“I’m not mad about the guards,” Daniel insisted. There had been people patting everyone down before they could come into the church.

Theodore made a vague noise, which made Daniel scowl. “Shut up.”

“I said nothing.”

Chosen One, 114

Landon Archerloft was a noble boy who was a little younger than Isaac, and he was friendly and he knew how to use his dick on a boy, which may or may not have been because of his twin brother Bradley, whom he’d been swordfighting with when Isaac had come into the privy fifteen minutes ago.

Bradley was currently beside them fucking Nicholas’s ass while Landon fucked Isaac, so even though Isaac could have had both twins inside him, he was glad he hadn’t come to the privy alone. There was still plenty of time before the royal wedding started and there was no reason for anyone to have a boner during it when none of them would be allowed to get up and do anything about it.

Isaac had barely fucked anyone today, so it was hardly a surprise when he came a little early. Well, it wasn’t a surprise to him, anyway. Landon made a bit of a surprised sound and started fucking Isaac a little harder. Beside them, Bradley picked up speed inside Nicholas to match him. It was cute that they were so synchronized.

They held hands as they started to cum, which was also cute. The twins came a good amount and then pulled out, Bradley noticing that Nicholas hadn’t shot and reaching around. He came after one stroke.

Knighthood, 89

Edwin had been anointed all over again, though this time when he’d knelt it hadn’t been holy oil squirted all over him. And offering his sword to Gavin had taken a whole lot longer and been a lot more fun than offering it to the king.

Edwin and Erik had agreed before the orgy that for everyone who Erik got to cum inside him, Edwin would give him a full day of complete obedience whenever he asked for it. Edwin had thought about making it specific to Erik’s ass, but he’d decided in the end that the image of Erik just sucking cock all night would be too funny to pass up, and others were likely to find his ass enticing enough without the need for incentives.

He definitely had some cum in his ass already, and he’d soon have more courtesy of Louis, who was hammering Erik at dragon speed, tail wrapped around his leg. He kept leaning over Erik and kissing Edwin as he was doing it.

Chosen One, 100

Spencer had been hammering Isaac for nearly a full hour now, his cock unrelenting as he pounded in and out of Isaac’s ass, and Isaac held his arms, legs wrapped around Spencer’s middle, not letting Spencer get away with letting up for a second. “Come on,” he said. “Harder, harder. Skip wants you to go harder, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Skip agreed, masturbating breathlessly on the bed by Isaac’s head, watching Spencer go with undivided attention. “Yeah, go harder, Spencer, come on.”

Spencer nodded and, like he had every other time he’d slowed down and risked letting Isaac think, he found the energy and started fucking Isaac even harder. His face was all sweaty and so was the rest of him, and it was a really good look for him. His hair was painted to his forehead and he was shining all over in the low light and his cock was so impossibly hard inside Isaac. He pressed his lips to Isaac’s and kissed him fiercely, so strongly he almost cut Isaac’s lip with his tooth, and Isaac kissed him back just as hard because he wanted it, he wanted all of Spencer.

Knighthood, 83

“Listen, I get that you’re excited,” said Sir Stan, not far off from Edwin. “But this is the palace. You can’t go making an ass of yourself.”

“Right,” said Twig, nodding in a way that reminded Edwin of someone. “I promise not to make an ass of myself, sir.”

“Right. Which means that you will…”

Hearing Stan’s pause, Twig appeared to cast around for an answer. “Hunt for murderers discreetly, and with dignity.”

“No,” Stan said with a sigh. “You will hunt for murderers not at all, Twig.”

“But if I do that…” Twig said, looking at his fingers, “then the murderers will stay hidden and they’ll be able to murder someone.”

“There are no murderers.” Stan was clearly trying to sound patient. It was working about as well as Edwin’s attempts not to laugh. “Repeat after me. There are no murderers.”

“There are no murderers,” Twig repeated.

Others, 29

Percy didn’t let his orgasm stop him from fucking Edwin for all he was worth. Which was, in his estimation, a considerable amount. Edwin was an outstanding knight by all accounts—his early promotion was proof of that—which was almost a shame, because if he’d gone into a different profession, he could be Three Hill’s highest-paid whore with this ass.

On the other hand, since he was dedicated to protecting the people of Dolovai rather than serving them, that meant Percy got to fuck him for free, which worked out perfectly for him. And based on the noises he was making, it was working pretty well for Edwin, too.

He had Edwin up against the wall in his room, bent forward just enough that his ass was stuck out for easier fucking. Edwin had had cum leaking out of him when Erik had brought him here, and Erik had said this was what they were doing today, going around on Edwin’s last full day as a squire and making sure anyone who was interested knew he was available.

And Percy sure was interested. Edwin was responsive and noisy and clearly wanted this just as much if not more than all of them. He was tied at the wrists by a length of cord that couldn’t possibly be keeping him in place, and when Erik had brought him, he’d followed meekly into the room, stood where he was bid and said nothing but ‘yes, sir,’ when asked if he wanted proper knight cock up his ass.