Villain, 102

“Can a sorcerer clan have magic users who aren’t sorcerers in it?” Levi asked, tapping his pen annoyingly against a book.

“Yes,” Sam told him, tinkering with a collar.

“Okay. But why? Clans are bound together by their shared spellwork and their demon contracts, and those won’t bind non-sorcerers, and they can’t do our spellwork, so…”

“Those will bind whoever we include in them, and it doesn’t matter when we’re banishing all our demons anyway,” Sam interrupted. “Spellwork is just spices that you put on food to disguise the fact that it all tastes the same otherwise.”

“I…guess so?”

Villain, 101

From what Henry had told him, the Shen’keit Fissures were a bunch of fucking holes in the ground that were full of snakes and gemstones, in that order. Why the fuck anyone wanted to go into them was a mystery, but some people were fucking stupid.

“This is super cool,” said Levi, as they walked through a fissure. “We don’t have anything like this at home. How many of the snakes here are venomous?”

“All of them,” Henry told Levi. “Except for the Svekchaj. It’s harmless but it camouflages itself to look like a lot of other kinds of snake.”

“Shit,” Levi said, sounding impressed. Sam had to admit, that was a pretty good way for a weakling to survive. It was kind of like the times Todd had had a knife. “How do you tell the difference?”

Warm Feet

“Why do we have to do this every year?” Sam muttered, leaning against Henry in the car as they fucking finally drove home. He was already taking his tie off and unbuttoning his shirt.

“Because we’re criminals and if we don’t occasionally do a charity benefit then it makes us look bad,” Henry told him, putting an arm around Sam.

“Fuck that. Next year I’m taking over the world so that it doesn’t matter if people think we’re evil.”

Villain, 96

“Hey, Levi.”

Levi started, but looked a little relieved when he saw Derek. He’d been sitting at a table in the library masturbating. There were only two tables, so it wasn’t like it was hard to find him. “Hi, Derek. I’m not in your way, right?”

Derek shook his head, sitting down next to Levi. “Never,” he said with a smile. He hadn’t known that Sam and Henry were planning to come back from their meeting with a new boy. A new clan member.