Couples Gift

Drew woke up with a boner, which wasn’t unusual. He stretched a little, snuggling closer to Lyren, who was holding him. Lyren was still asleep, but he made a soft noise when Drew touched him, which made Drew snuggle closer. He felt warm, and safe, and…


He wasn’t empty, though. The plug that he wore all the time was still inside him. Maybe he was just hungry or something, but he felt like he was missing something inside him that was supposed to be there.

He was so stupid, he thought, opening his eyes and looking up at Lyren. It was obviously Lyren’s dick. Carefully, he reached around and pulled the plug out, wincing a little. It was bigger than he’d remembered, not that he remembered actually putting it in. His ass was clean though, no cum inside it. He must have cleaned himself out after that party Derek had asked him to go to last night.

Best Friend

“Drew. Drew, wake up, silly.”

Drew blinked his eyes open, looking around the classroom. Shit, the classroom. He’d fallen asleep at school again. “I’m awake,” he muttered.

“Good. It’s time to go home.”

“Right.” Drew stood up, looking around the empty room, at the windows pounded by rain. He came to settle on Derek, which made him smile. “Thanks for waking me up.”

“Of course,” Derek said, helping Drew stand. He was such a good friend. Drew’s best friend. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

Baby Sitter

Hank was nonverbal after the abuse from his grandfather, and needed someone who wouldn’t force him to talk. His new foster family runs a café where they’ve hired him under the table, so his mouth gets plenty of exercise anyway!

Drew flipped the page, reading over the notes on the next one. He glanced at the clock and started typing.

Charlie was really struggling in PE, but his foster dad tells me he’s bent over the pommel horse every day now. He must be getting so familiar with the equipment and I think he’ll start making friends any day now!

He really wanted to get this done soon, but he still had a lot of notes to go through and he wasn’t sure he had time for all of them. There were still a few minutes, though.

Xander’s anxiety used to be so bad he’d get overwhelmed and break down in tears at least once a day. Now he never worries about anything, including feeding and changing himself, and he seems so much happier!

Others, 38

Robby took a deep breath as he stepped through the portal into Techen’s Stand. He’d been spending so much time away from it lately, in the capital and in Stag Keep with Edwin. It was nice to be back. He wished he wasn’t back.

It was so quiet everywhere, in the keep, in the town, in Robby’s head. It had been quiet in Robby’s head ever since that moment at the orgy when he’d been with Edwin and suddenly it had all just stopped. All the thoughts, all the noise that he’d lived with since Drew had come to his house and told him he was a priest and ruined his life, ruined his family’s lives. They were all gone from his head.

Lyren was gone from his head. And it was because of Edwin. Robby should have found it funny what had cleared him of the invader who’d taken control of his mind had been that Edwin fucking him for all he was worth, but it wasn’t funny. It had just happened, and Lyren was still out there. Andif Robby wasn’t careful, he’d get Robby again, and all the people Robby loved.

Robby was being very careful.