Prince, 101

“Your apartments are considerably larger than mine,” Franz considered, looking around Gabrielle’s bedroom. Their bedroom.

“That’s because I’m considerably more important than you,” Gabrielle told him, pinching Franz’s nipple.

Franz smirked at that, looked sidelong at his wife. “Well, now I’m going to move into your large apartments and fill them with all my things.”

“You don’t have that many things,” Gabrielle told him.

“No, but I have a lot of people.”

“Yeah, they’re not allowed to move in.” Gabrielle waited just a beat, then snorted on Franz’s shoulder. “Imagine if I’d waited until after the wedding to be that bitch.”

Knighthood, 98

Even though Gavin only lived in the one set of apartments, all the rooms in this hallway were his, mostly for his servants and stuff. The castle had servants’ quarters, but it seemed like a lot of Gavin’s personal servants lived in the other rooms here in the hallway.

Edwin wondered if Gavin kept his servants separate from the castle servants intentionally, or if that just happened. He thought Prince Franz had his own servants as well, so maybe it was normal.

Anthony was standing outside one of those rooms, half at attention and clearly only because he saw Edwin coming. Edwin waved at him, peering into the open door, where a bare ass with a rabbit tail was rapidly fucking what could only be Grey Rain. Grey Rain’s legs were splayed to either side and he was occasionally whimpering, a hand showing up now and then to grip at Eddie’s arms.