Others, 56

Dream Fox woke up with his dad’s cock in his ass, and he smiled as he pressed back against him. He had a sleep boner, which he didn’t touch, just laying there, letting the sleep leave his brain while his dad made him feel nice.

He did wonder how long Dad had been going before Dream Fox had woken up. It felt pretty early, but Dad normally left pretty pretty early, and he was taking his time. He usually went pretty fast but this morning he was fucking Dream Fox slowly, like he was breakable.

It was a bit boring, actually, but Dad had never really understood what Dream Fox needed.

Field Day

Field Day was the best day because Iago got to go outside and run around instead of sitting inside learning boring math and music. He was good at times tables and recorder playing but he was also good at running around, so it was awesome that the new school board had made Field Day happen once a month in the months when it was warm enough.

The lining up until it was time to run part kind of sucked, but it usually didn’t take very long. Iago was wearing his all-white gym clothes like everyone else. It was just a sleeveless shirt and shorts, but they were really cool because it had used to be that only older kids had to change clothes for gym but now they all got to, and the shorts were all too short, so Iago could sometimes see his friends’ underwear when they sat down.

Or even their dicks if they weren’t wearing underwear, like Dylan wasn’t. “When are we going to start running?” he asked, laying flat on the grass even though they were supposed to be lined up. “I’m bored.”

“It’s been a hundred and twenty seconds,” Iago told him. “That’s two minutes, but broken up into smaller amounts of time so it doesn’t seem as long.”

“Oh my God seriously?” Dylan pouted, rolling over. “That’s so many seconds. It’s so many they’re going to turn into thirds!”

Soothsayer, 16

“So what is the Tin Scale?” Maple Song asked, tracing the elaborate black tattoo that now adorned Mads’s back.

“It’s called the Sentinel,” Dream Fox corrected. He was sitting beside Mads, tugging at his foreskin curiously, as if he hadn’t had it his whole life.

“That’s what I said.”

Soothsayer, 15

“Mads, if you partithipate in this fucked-up ritual I’m going to thtab you in the face myself,” Nuka promised, glaring at Mads as he hesitated.

“I…I have to, or they’ll…”

“Fuck, fuck that,” Nuka spat. “You literally told me that boy’th life was the motht important thing. Save, save him!”

“You should listen to your boy,” said the cult leader, smiling thinly. “You wouldn’t want us to kill him.”

“Fuck you, you’re going to, going to kill us anyway,” Nuka snarled. “Mads, rescue the fucking boy.”

Soothsayer, 12

“I’ll break into Ogwen’s Tower tonight,” said Knifebird, Dawn Thunder’s human boyfriend. He was a pretty, unassuming Dolovin guy with striking eyes and an impish voice, and it was easy to see why Dawn Thunder liked him so much.

Except for he was clearly also crazy. “You can’t just break into Ogwen’s Tower,” Mads told him. “It’s fortified, and crawling with Imperials. The walls are sheer even when they’re not covered in ice and half the windows don’t open anyway. They actually guard the servants’ entrances. There’s no way in.”

Knifebird’s teeth flashed. His human name was Robin, but like Mads and Nuka, the pack had given him a name as well. One that fit his smile perfectly. He’d only been with Dawn Thunder since the summer, so it had happened pretty quickly, too. “Don’t worry about that. They won’t be expecting someone to sneak in tonight. I’ll be fine.”