Slavery, 107

Please don’t touch my body while I’m not here. I’ll be back before the sun comes up for sure.

Greg didn’t really know where Grey Rain was going to go, but he sat on his bed and watched Grey Rain carve patterns into the floor, then paint himself with werewolf symbols. He was trying to talk to a god called Sky Heart so that Grandpa Gerard’s soul could go to heaven. Grey Rain was really worried about him becoming something called a heavy one, which seemed a bit like a ghost or a zombie.

Greg wasn’t sure if he was worried about that because priests had already come and done prayers and stuff for him, but Grey Rain was and he seemed like he knew, so maybe he was right. Greg had never seen him so worried about wanting to talk to his gods before. Sometimes he talked about how he could do it, but mostly he didn’t really bother, even though he also didn’t like coming to church with the rest of them.

Others, 53

Grey Rain couldn’t get Sky Heart’s antlers right.

Antlers were really hard to carve on a fetish and Sky Heart had really big ones that were thick and curved and had a lot of prongs and Grey Rain kept getting them wrong and that was probably why the stupid fetish wasn’t working.

He tossed the useless carving on the floor and resisted the urge to cut its stupid antlers off. Sky Heart might not like that even if they weren’t going to visit the fetish. Dammit.

A hand on his shoulder made Grey Rain look over, and Snowball was there, looking worried. “Are you okay?”