Easter Knifebunny

What are you up to? Pax texted Nate, as he keyed into Nate’s building.

Nate texted him back immediately, of course. Not much. Just dicking around on Netflix.

They should make a porn version of Netflix, Nate followed up as Pax went inside. Netdicks.

Others, 45

“It’s just, it’s not fair that everyone decides what I’m like before they even meet me,” said Evander Magna Demna Aergyn, Imperial prince.

Robin thought it was pretty fair to decide what he was like before meeting him, because even if he’d turned out to be more of a whingy kid than he’d expected, he was still an entitled Imperial who thought the whole world belonged to him by virtue of existing. “You’re right,” said Robin, to the boy whose family was winning the worldwide racism contest. “It’s not fair to decide your opinion of people before you meet them.”

Evander nodded, a huge pout all over his face and the rest of his body. “All I’ve done since coming to Qonvel Redda is almost get murdered and then be faced with scorn everywhere I’ve gone since. I was almost murdered! The people here are the ones who should be feeling bad about themselves, not me!”