Time Hangover

Russ saying “fuck this” was what woke Niall up, but if their horny swearing was enough to keep him awake, Niall would only be able to sleep on work nights. No, the things that kept him up were Russ’s foot on his face, the burning on the small of his back, and the crackling, spiraling migraine in his entire head.

“Fuck,” Niall agreed.

Pauper, 11

“Tell me what you want,” Niall said softly.

“I want…” the man in the chair hesitated, looking into Niall’s eyes.

“Be honest.”

“I want to fuck you.”

Niall smiled. He had his whip around the back of the man’s—his name was Angus—neck, holding him in place. “Good. Now, tell me what you deserve.

Angus quivered, his cock hard between him and Niall. “I…I deserve your scorn, your Majesty. Your anger. Your, your pity. I’m nothing, please. Just a pathetic, worthless little…”

“Shh…” Niall said, a finger to Angus’s lips. “I know exactly what you are, Ambassador. And if I’d wanted to listen to you waste words, we could have done that at the castle. And you’re wrong, which shouldn’t surprise you. You don’t deserve any of those things. You don’t even deserve my attention. You’re not worth my time.”

Pauper, 10

Russ took a breath. It was time.

“Are you sure you can do this?” Sally asked, beside them in the cramped secret tunnel.

Russ smiled, not that Sally could see them. “Of course I can. It’s easy.”

“It’s just…”

Russ took Sally’s hand. “It’s easy,” they promised. It was a simple plan, and Russ was no simple whore. They could do this. “Don’t worry about me, you just do your part and it’ll all work out, okay?”

“I just…I don’t know if…”

“Hey,” Russ said. Sally couldn’t freak out now. None of them could. They pulled Sally towards them, hugged them in the tunnel’s low blue light. “It’s going to be okay, promise. Niall’s plan is good.”