Chosen One, 112

“So how long before we can start bugging the new guys?” Isaac asked, leaning against a wall.

“Maybe let them put their things down,” Peter suggested. “Before you try to take their pants down.”

“I could,” Isaac offered. “But you don’t know that they’re not into getting blowjobs while holding all their stuff.”

“That seems like not a kink people have,” Nicholas muttered.

“Oh, what the fuck would you know?” Peter asked.

Dragon, 103

Owen was bent over, hands flat on the floor, looking out into the long hall of Stag Keep as Sir Edwin fucked him from the main chair that he refused to let anyone call a throne. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the view was good and Edwin had wanted to fuck Owen on his throne, so Owen had put his ass where it was needed.

All around the hall and in the rest of the keep, people were fucking in various shapes and sizes. Edwin’s second knighthood ritual had gotten off to a great start and was going strong a little while later. Owen had a feeling they’d be up all night.

“We definitely have to do this more often,” Edwin panted, slapping into Owen’s ass hard, his breathing loud even over all the noise in the hall. “You look good like that.”

“Uh-huh,” Owen agreed, feeling Edwin’s cock inside him, how hard it was. It was a good feeling, a good thing to focus on. He tried to relax his back so he didn’t pull anything, letting Edwin take care of him and watching Gavin and Ray fuck on one of the couches that had been brought down into the hall.

Chosen One, 100

Spencer had been hammering Isaac for nearly a full hour now, his cock unrelenting as he pounded in and out of Isaac’s ass, and Isaac held his arms, legs wrapped around Spencer’s middle, not letting Spencer get away with letting up for a second. “Come on,” he said. “Harder, harder. Skip wants you to go harder, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Skip agreed, masturbating breathlessly on the bed by Isaac’s head, watching Spencer go with undivided attention. “Yeah, go harder, Spencer, come on.”

Spencer nodded and, like he had every other time he’d slowed down and risked letting Isaac think, he found the energy and started fucking Isaac even harder. His face was all sweaty and so was the rest of him, and it was a really good look for him. His hair was painted to his forehead and he was shining all over in the low light and his cock was so impossibly hard inside Isaac. He pressed his lips to Isaac’s and kissed him fiercely, so strongly he almost cut Isaac’s lip with his tooth, and Isaac kissed him back just as hard because he wanted it, he wanted all of Spencer.