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Dream Fox woke up with his dad’s cock in his ass, and he smiled as he pressed back against him. He had a sleep boner, which he didn’t touch, just laying there, letting the sleep leave his brain while his dad made him feel nice.

He did wonder how long Dad had been going before Dream Fox had woken up. It felt pretty early, but Dad normally left pretty pretty early, and he was taking his time. He usually went pretty fast but this morning he was fucking Dream Fox slowly, like he was breakable.

It was a bit boring, actually, but Dad had never really understood what Dream Fox needed.

Gym Class

Uri’s sister had said that the new school board had split the gym class into one for boys and one for girls because they were all perverts. Geoffrey agreed with her, so Uri guessed that was probably true, though not all the things they’d done to the school were perverted. They’d given lots of new instruments to the music room and replaced all the stairs with ramps and put sign language and Braille in the curriculum, and gotten all the books updated. There was some perverted stuff like the lube and condoms that were in the bathrooms now, and those were just helpful anyway.

Regardless of whether the school board were perverts, though, Uri knew that the gym teacher Mr. Neart was one. He was the sort of weird kind too, one who’d watch them get changed for gym but hardly ever do anything else. Not the cool kind of pervert like Geoffrey who’d actually do something perverted and fun, like have a naked sleepover.

Team, 100

Helena’s agent in Narwhal Junction was a little boy named Nuka who talked really fast and was hard to understand partly because of that but mostly because his accent had turned out to be a lisp. That said, he’d been in way tougher spots with way worse guides, so Cal was managing.

“The inn you’re thtaying at is one that foreigners thtay at when they don’t want to th-seem like foreigners,” he was saying. “You should move to the Whale Hole on Rethlin’s Walk, it’s nicer and won’t make everyone who knowth anything roll their eyeth at you.”

“Okay,” Cal said. “And where are you taking us again?”

“To thomeone who knowth where the-the-the Map of Amker ith,” Nuka stuttered, walking fast. He’d been taking them steadily northwest since he’d shown up in their inn this morning.

Others, 40

Imperial cum was the cum that tasted the least good out of all the kinds, but Maple Song swallowed it anyway, because that was what he was supposed to do when someone came in his mouth.

When the Imperial was done cumming, Maple Song looked up at him, wagging his tail on purpose because it wasn’t wagging on its own like it was supposed to. “That tasted super good,” he lied, because it was okay to lie to Imperials because they were colonizing scum who were trying to take over Narwhal Junction. Also they sucked. That was what Shadowwatcher said even though actually they never even jerked him off.

The Imperial guard snorted, and patted Maple Song’s head, which Maple Song reluctantly admitted to himself was very not-sucking of him. He said something in Imperialese that sounded like kakkankkannikakin and started doing up his pants.

Best Boy

Mads’s cock was comfortingly hard in Nuka’s ass when he woke up on Christmas morning, so it was pretty much guaranteed to be a good day as far as Nuka was concerned.

Mads himself was way less awake than his cock was, one hand on Nuka’s back and the other splayed somewhere useless. Nuka rose up a little, not enough that either of them would lose too much warmth, but enough that he could move.

Back and forth Nuka went, Mads’s cock sliding farther into him, then pulling out. Nuka never let him all the way out. Mads groaned in his sleep, sliding his hand up Nuka’s back, that other hand coming back to rest on Nuka’s ass where it belonged, squeezing him lethargically. Nuka kissed Mads’s chest and shoulders gently, slowly fucking himself on Mads’s cock.