Witch, 105

“Cassiopeia, I’m sorry to interrupt.”

“Not a problem, James. Do you have a question?”


“No one can answer it until you ask it.”

“I know. I was stalling for time because I’m not sure how it will be received.”

“There’s no need to be nervous, I know this is pretty complicated.”

“Right,” said James, nodding. “This question isn’t about the spellwork you’re describing, though I do also have a question about that. I had hoped not to distract from that, but I need to know why you attempted to poison me yesterday.”

Witch, 103

“This seems like something you could have mentioned to us.”

“I am mentioning it to you. I just did exactly that.”

“Prior to now, I mean.”

“I only found out about it a short time ago.”

“You could have sent a message.”

“When I was already coming here in a week?” James shook his head. “Seems like if I’m going to send you messages about important things in advance of the Coven meetings, then I never need to attend another Coven meeting.”

Witch, 42

“You had him…”

“Not really.”

“You had him in your house, in your territory, and you let him go?”

“What was I supposed to do? Kidnap him and tie him to my kitchen table?”

“That was going to be your only chance to put a stop to him, James. He’s not going to come back to you.”

“Well, I bloody hope not,” James agreed, nodding patiently at Timothy Lariat, who was getting redder and redder as he blustered. “Having him in my house was a bit harrowing. He thought about attacking me.”

Witch, 14

“Any time you want to start.”

“We thank you very much for your hospitality and…”

“Yes, yes,” James said, obviously irritated. He’d been sitting for three seconds and was already shifting uncomfortably. “I assume you came because you wanted a meeting, not to compliment my grandmother’s cooking.”

It was Ron’s cooking, but he didn’t say anything. It was important that the Grand Coven see James with a loyal servant, he’d been told.