Stowaway, 88

“Does this seem amenable to you, Captain?” asked the snooty merperson, who hadn’t offered their name.

Natalie nodded, looking down at the table. “It’s a good start. We’ll talk it over and then discuss with the Prime to finalize the details.”

That, predictably, caused both of the Prime’s underlings to bristle. Based on what the Prime had said about his council elevating him, Pax had a feeling these two—and their friends—were really more handlers than underlings. Coincidentally, those two words were both tyveq in Gronnde.

Well, Pax wasn’t about to let his best friend’s husband be pushed around like that, so now seemed like a great time to help him assert some control over his life and kingdom. He smiled. “It will be a good opportunity to get our agreement in writing as well. That’s how humans like to make agreements, and since we’re doing so much of this on your terms, I think it only reasonable to do this one thing on ours. I hope this question doesn’t offend, but you have ink for writing and not just self-defence down here, right? Underwater ink, I presume.”

Dragon, 93

“Now remember,” Owen said, as they headed into the room he’d reserved at the fortress.

“I know, I know, ‘Don’t be an asshole.’” Gavin rolled his eyes, hand in Owen’s. “I’m not actually stupid, Owen. I know social graces. I knew more social graces as a toddler than you do now. I’m arguably the most socially graceful person in the entirety of Dolovai.”

“Hm,” said Owen. “Okay. Well what I was actually going to say was to remember that we’re interviewing candidates to be Darby and Greg’s bodyguards, not potential guests at the next orgy.”

Gavin gave Owen a glare. “I also know that. I’m not a horny asshole who only cares about dick.”

“Well, you’re not just a horny asshole who only cares about dick,” Owen corrected.

“Exactly. And these guys aren’t just the kids’ bodyguards, they’re also potential guests at the next orgy,” Gavin agreed.

Stowaway, 82

Pax had had other friends in his life, and many if not all of them had been far more sexually active than Pax himself was, and some of them had even been very forward and brazen about it, like Denver was. But Denver was truly in a league of his own when it came to inappropriate displays of sexuality that he made appropriate only by virtue of being a very genuine person and not meaning anything bad by them. “You know,” Pax said, standing in the doorway, getting Denver’s attention. “I feel obliged to say that as far as my friends go, you are by far the most inappropriate and shameless one I’ve ever had, and indeed the most inappropriate and shameless person I’ve ever met.”

Denver grinned at him, partially folded over, legs splayed out to either side. It was clear what he was trying to do. “Wow, what did I do to earn that compliment?”

“Well,” said Pax, considering the surroundings. “You broke into my cabin and are currently naked on my bed trying to fellate yourself. That, combined with your history of sexually provocative and shameless acts, really makes me feel you’ve earned it.”

“Aw, thanks. I love you too, Pax.”

Angel, 7

Jude woke up with Tam’s head against his chest, Tam’s body in his arms and Tam’s dick pressed against his thigh, and that was a pretty good way to wake up.

It was kind of a shame that he didn’t really know Tam well enough to wake him up with a blowjob, Jude thought. It was nice, but kind of an awkward thing to do with someone when they’d only fucked once and Tam might not like it.

Jude just lay there for a few minutes, enjoying having Tam in his arms, enjoying the smell of his hair. It had a bit of a citrusy tang to it, which Jude liked. He’d have to find out where Tam got his soap. Tam’s heartbeat resonated against his chest, and his soft breathing made his side rise and fall. The room was otherwise quiet, empty of all but them.

It was really nice. Jude wished they could stay here all day.

Slavery, 48

“I’ve seen enough.”

Daniel looked over at Ursula, but didn’t put his knife down. “Meaning…”

“Meaning I am done watching you,” Ursula said, nodding at Ozzy. “Do what you will with the rest of your night.”

“So…” It had been pretty obvious that Ursula watching him and Ozzy for the last few hours had been part of his assessment—probably the end of it. They must be ready to decide if they were going to let Daniel join the guild properly After what had to have been at least two weeks of tests, Daniel was ready to know too. “Did I pass, or…”

Ursula smiled. “I shall speak with you tomorrow, Daniel.” And she turned and headed off, leaving them alone in the cave.

Daniel made an agitated noise, which changed in tone as Ozzy swatted at him lazily, Daniel only just blocking his blade. “What the hell?”

Servant, 7

“I can do that for you.”

Drew looked over at Hope and smiled. “It’s just my laundry. You shouldn’t worry about it.”

“But I want to,” Hope told him, washing a bedsheet. “You shouldn’t have to do that, let me.”

Drew watched Hope for a second, chuckling. “Okay, if you’re sure.” His life had gotten a lot easier now that Hope suddenly wanted nothing but to make him happy.

“Of course,” Hope said, happy. “You just relax and I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, Hope,” Drew said, and he left his dirty clothes, turning and leaning back against the courtyard wall, just watching Hope work. Lyren sat beside him, holding Drew’s hand in his.