Swim Class

Moe wasn’t sure if the other kids on the bus were loud because they were excited to learn how to swim, or because learning how to swim meant they got part of the morning out of school, but they sure were being loud.

He wasn’t being loud, because he wasn’t that excited. Even though it was nice to get some time out of school, but he didn’t know how to swim and he was sure he’d drown and then everyone would come to his funeral to laugh at him for being so bad at swimming. Unless they forgot who he was because he was weird and didn’t know how to be friends with kids who didn’t aspire to be full-time cockwarmers.

Knighthood, 93

Sometimes Edwin felt that since he’d been knighted, all he really did was paperwork.

Which he knew was his own fault, because he’d been offered this job and accepted it, so it wasn’t like he had anyone to blame but himself in reality. And Owen had told him that Gavin was feeling overwhelmed lately, so he couldn’t even blame Gavin for convincing him he deserved it, because that would be mean.

Edwin sighed. “Problem?” Warren asked, sitting with him at the table in their room in the castle.

Edwin shook his head. “No, it’s fine. Just that if I’d wanted to do this much writing, I’d have gone to scribe school instead of knight school.”

Knighthood, 84

“For the first few weeks we’ll do this together,” Elaine told Edwin, rolling up the schedule they’d worked out. “After that you’ll handle the scheduling for the younger princes’ guard and just bring it to me for approval. I don’t plan to disapprove of it unless it’s obviously stupid, which it won’t be.”

That last part was clearly an order, and Edwin nodded. “No, sir.”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“What? You’re still my boss.”

“I am, but we don’t need to stand on ceremony when we’re alone. Just Elaine is fine.”

Edwin sighed. “The world was so much easier when I just called everyone sir.”

Prince, 83

“That was far less eventful than the last time we knighted people,” Franz observed, drinking some wine. “Not a single person got engaged.” Or exonerated of a murder charge.

“I think that an engagement where only one person got engaged probably didn’t succeed by definition,” Gabrielle said.

“Not necessarily. One of the two people could have already been engaged to a third person who wasn’t present, and when the new engagement happened, they broke off their old engagement simultaneous to accepting the new one, and therefore their new partner was the only person who got engaged.”

“I think,” Gabrielle said, obviously thinking about how clever her future husband was, “that if you have to come up with a convoluted and ridiculous scenario so that you can technically be right, it’s probably because you were wrong and should have just admitted it instead of doubling down.”

Knighthood, 83

“Listen, I get that you’re excited,” said Sir Stan, not far off from Edwin. “But this is the palace. You can’t go making an ass of yourself.”

“Right,” said Twig, nodding in a way that reminded Edwin of someone. “I promise not to make an ass of myself, sir.”

“Right. Which means that you will…”

Hearing Stan’s pause, Twig appeared to cast around for an answer. “Hunt for murderers discreetly, and with dignity.”

“No,” Stan said with a sigh. “You will hunt for murderers not at all, Twig.”

“But if I do that…” Twig said, looking at his fingers, “then the murderers will stay hidden and they’ll be able to murder someone.”

“There are no murderers.” Stan was clearly trying to sound patient. It was working about as well as Edwin’s attempts not to laugh. “Repeat after me. There are no murderers.”

“There are no murderers,” Twig repeated.

Others, 29

Percy didn’t let his orgasm stop him from fucking Edwin for all he was worth. Which was, in his estimation, a considerable amount. Edwin was an outstanding knight by all accounts—his early promotion was proof of that—which was almost a shame, because if he’d gone into a different profession, he could be Three Hill’s highest-paid whore with this ass.

On the other hand, since he was dedicated to protecting the people of Dolovai rather than serving them, that meant Percy got to fuck him for free, which worked out perfectly for him. And based on the noises he was making, it was working pretty well for Edwin, too.

He had Edwin up against the wall in his room, bent forward just enough that his ass was stuck out for easier fucking. Edwin had had cum leaking out of him when Erik had brought him here, and Erik had said this was what they were doing today, going around on Edwin’s last full day as a squire and making sure anyone who was interested knew he was available.

And Percy sure was interested. Edwin was responsive and noisy and clearly wanted this just as much if not more than all of them. He was tied at the wrists by a length of cord that couldn’t possibly be keeping him in place, and when Erik had brought him, he’d followed meekly into the room, stood where he was bid and said nothing but ‘yes, sir,’ when asked if he wanted proper knight cock up his ass.

Knighthood, 74

“Can I borrow you for a minute?”

Edwin looked at Owen, thinking about it for a second. Owen clearly wanted to fuck, which was fine, but he had to get back to the shared tent soon. They were going back to the capital tomorrow, so it was time for Edwin, Stuart and Parry to get their asses pounded all night. Which wasn’t that different from any other night except that they’d each be getting it from multiple cocks.

Edwin was looking forward to it, and a little disappointed that Owen wouldn’t be joining. He was half convinced that the other knights weren’t counting Owen just because he intimidated them, and not just because he had a bigger cock than they did. He wondered what it said that the squires had all gotten over that, but the anointed knights had held onto it.. Either way, Owen wasn’t invited to the gangbang, but maybe Edwin could game the system a little. So he nodded, following Owen into his bedroom. “Just a minute? That’s really unlike you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Owen gave Edwin a kiss on the nose. “How are you doing?”

Knighthood, 71

The ground was cold underneath Edwin, creeping up through the pile of blankets. Erik on top of him was a mercy, warming him as he fucked Edwin. His hands were on either side of Edwin, his breath on Edwin’s neck. He wasn’t pounding Edwin as hard as he had been a while ago, having slowed down to dick Edwin gently, lovingly.

Edwin had his eyes closed, content to just lay there and let Erik do the work, nice and relaxed even with the cold shivering its way up his belly. His own cock was rock hard and leaking onto the blanket, the dirty one that was just for making messes on. The movement of Erik’s hips made Edwin rub against the blanket.

Edwin clutched the blanket, whinging wordlessly, so focused on the feeling of Erik inside him that he didn’t think of anything else, couldn’t think of anything else. Erik felt so good inside him, so strong and hard. He hit Edwin just right, then did it again, and then one more time, and Edwin came onto the blanket with a whimper, toes curling.

Dragon, 83

Someone was in the bedroom with them. It woke Owen up, the sudden change in the air. The door hadn’t opened. Someone had teleported in. Gavin was curled up on his right side, but Owen’s left hand was free, and he quietly moved it under the blanket, touching Greg’s leg.

Greg was tense, so the intrusion must have woken him up too. Owen slid his hand up and tapped Greg’s ribs, or rather the knife sheath under his shirt. The blanket rustled as if Greg were moving in his sleep, and then a knife appeared in Owen’s hand. He slid his other arm out from under Gavin, and Greg shifted a little. And when the intruder was within a pace of the bed, Owen pressed his finger into Greg’s thigh and they got up together, each moving towards the intruder, grabbing an arm. “Fuck, what the fuck?”

Owen spun the intruder around, arm behind his back, knife against his throat. Greg had the point of another blade pressed against the intruder’s side. “Tell me who sent you before I do something you’ll regret.”

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Gavin VS: Do I seem like someone who does shit by accident?