Others, 35

“Do you think you’ll get to fuck the princess?” Twig asked, washing between his toes.

Noel shrugged. “I don’t think so? I’m pretty sure Ashton didn’t, at least not since Prince Franz came.”

“Huh,” Twig said. “A knight who doesn’t take advantage of their squire. Weird.”

“Do you think you’ll fuck Sir Owen?” Noel asked, before pouring water over his head.

“Don’t know,” Twig muttered, smiling as he pictured that. Sir Owen lived in the castle, but he was a real person, so he used the fortress baths sometimes, and he looked good naked. Even if they didn’t fuck, Twig would get to see him like that a lot, which was cool. “He’s got a fiancé and a boyfriend, so he’s clearly committed but also not that into monogamy. Plus everyone says Prince Gavin is a skank, which doesn’t really bear on Sir Owen’s preferences. But I maintain hope.”

“And a strong boner.”

Coming Home

Twig was washing his hair after practice when a basketball hit him in the head.

“Ow,” he said, playing up his stagger a little so that whoever had thrown as basketball at him in the freaking shower would feel super bad and offer him conciliatory blowjobs or something. He could get blowjobs in the team shower easily enough, but conciliatory blowjobs were the third best kind of blowjob to receive after congratulatory blowjobs and sleepy hung over blowjobs at six in the morning.

“Sorry man,” said Archie, coming over and picking the ball up.

“Oh, it’s fine, just a mild concussion, happens all the time,” Twig said with a grin that communicated very clearly that this was a problem that could be cured with a direct injection of his dick into Archie’s mouth. “Can I ask why there’s a basketball in the showers? There are more than enough balls in here already and we struggle enough with the basketball/actual ball distinction as it is.”

Others, 29

Percy didn’t let his orgasm stop him from fucking Edwin for all he was worth. Which was, in his estimation, a considerable amount. Edwin was an outstanding knight by all accounts—his early promotion was proof of that—which was almost a shame, because if he’d gone into a different profession, he could be Three Hill’s highest-paid whore with this ass.

On the other hand, since he was dedicated to protecting the people of Dolovai rather than serving them, that meant Percy got to fuck him for free, which worked out perfectly for him. And based on the noises he was making, it was working pretty well for Edwin, too.

He had Edwin up against the wall in his room, bent forward just enough that his ass was stuck out for easier fucking. Edwin had had cum leaking out of him when Erik had brought him here, and Erik had said this was what they were doing today, going around on Edwin’s last full day as a squire and making sure anyone who was interested knew he was available.

And Percy sure was interested. Edwin was responsive and noisy and clearly wanted this just as much if not more than all of them. He was tied at the wrists by a length of cord that couldn’t possibly be keeping him in place, and when Erik had brought him, he’d followed meekly into the room, stood where he was bid and said nothing but ‘yes, sir,’ when asked if he wanted proper knight cock up his ass.

Knighthood, 75

Edwin’s ass hurt, but what else was new?

He was also a bit tired on account of having stayed up until almost dawn getting fucked over and over, and by two cocks at once in all combinations of Erik, David and Quentin, as well as by Stuart and Parry at the end of the night, just for fun. But it wasn’t really a big deal, since nothing major was happening today. They were all just standing around behind the inn, waiting for Gavin and Owen to stop fucking in the stable or whatever they were doing that was taking so long. Once they came, everyone could go to the capital and that would be the end of the mission, and Edwin and Erik could go to bed in the fortress and sleep until tomorrow.

Well, after being debriefed by Sir Devin or someone, but that wasn’t a big deal because Edwin probably wouldn’t have to talk. As long as nobody mentioned anything about the demons. Or the sea serpent. Or the sex he was having with the prince.

Or Rudy.

Dragon, 89

“You’re an asshole,” Owen told Dinner, from the stable floor.

Dinner whickered at him, tossing his head.

“Yeah, but at least people love me,” Owen grumbled, getting up. He started to check Dinner’s saddle and other equipment, loosening it just a bit so it wouldn’t be so tight on him. “Bet none of the other horses want to sleep with you. Which is good, because it means you won’t reproduce.”

Dinner shifted menacingly, making another sound.

“There,” Owen said as he finished up. “Now shut up and let me ride you.”

“Seduce me like you do your horse, Owen,” Gavin said, appearing by the stall door, looking all regal in his stupid flattering riding clothes.

Knighthood, 30

“We’re going to die,” Edwin muttered, keeping his voice low.

“We’re almost there,” Erik said, urging Edwin to move forward.

“We’re not going to get there if we die because someone sees us!” Edwin hissed, so red in the face he thought he might pass out. “This is stupid. I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

“Stop freaking out,” Erik said, running a thumb down Edwin’s buttcheek.

Which was easy, since Edwin was stark naked as they walked through the hallways of the fortress, two of Erik’s fingers inside him as he marched Edwin forward to the baths.