Chosen One, 117

“Man, this class is hard,” Isaac muttered, looking at the diagrams Catria had handed out to all the automation students. “I’m really glad I’m not in it.”

It turned out that automation magic was really fucking complicated, which was probably why most people couldn’t do it. Ignatius had said that wizards could make automatons a little easier than mages could, but even for them it was a really high level spell that had so many moving parts—literally and magically—and automatons had a tendency to explode if any part of the spell wasn’t perfect, so most people didn’t bother.

So much for Isaac’s plan to make a sex automaton, which was why everyone thought he’d wanted to take Catria’s class. His plans to free Nicholas from the control of an evil demon were also looking a little dicey, but he was still going to make those work.

Chosen One, 116

“You know you are allowed to come with me,” Isaac said, as Peter walked him to the portal. “I think you’d like James.” They were both grumpy and brilliant, so they’d probably get along.

“If you think I would, I’m sure it’s true,” Peter said, holding Isaac’s hand. “But I have homework. Some of us actually take classes at this school.”

“Seems like a mistake,” Isaac teased, sticking out his tongue. “Did you consider having a mental breakdown so that everyone feels bad for you and lets you out of all your classes?”

Knighthood, 102

Rich people really did get all the perks in life, Edwin thought. Aside from all the obvious shit, they even got to have weddings on perfect spring days.

It was the first day of Remin and it wasn’t actually spring for another week, but it was warm and sunny and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue and everything looked very picturesque. Even though Edwin knew the streets had been cleaned and the dirty snow moved in preparation for the wedding, it still felt like the kind of thing that had just happened naturally rather than being bought.

The streets looked much nicer now that a lot of the people lined up to get into the First Church had been checked and let in. “Okay, thank you for your cooperation, your Majesty,” Edwin said.

Chosen One, 113

“And then I did this super cool flip,” Jacob said, standing up to do a backflip to demonstrate. “Right onto this cultist’s face, and I used it to kick off and jump onto another cultist, and I made him fall into another cultist, and they all fell down and I was, of course, fine.”

Isaac smiled. He’d had no doubt that Jacob would have come out of it fine. He’d taken a portal up north to a city called Narwhal Junction, where his brothers and sister had been fighting an apocalypse. He’d assured Isaac it hadn’t been a serious apocalypse, though, so Isaac was trying not to be too worried. “How many cultists were there?”

“Um, like fifty?” Jacob asked. “I’m not sure, it was hard to get an accurate count since they were all dressed identically and everything was on fire. One of them was the governor of Narwhal Junction, though, which sucks for them. Oh, and some of them had magic, which is…”

“Cheating,” Isaac finished. “I know.”

Chosen One, 112

“So how long before we can start bugging the new guys?” Isaac asked, leaning against a wall.

“Maybe let them put their things down,” Peter suggested. “Before you try to take their pants down.”

“I could,” Isaac offered. “But you don’t know that they’re not into getting blowjobs while holding all their stuff.”

“That seems like not a kink people have,” Nicholas muttered.

“Oh, what the fuck would you know?” Peter asked.

Chosen One, 110

“Okay,” said Juno, smiling at Isaac. “That’s all.”

“That’s all?” Isaac asked, surprised. The exam had been shorter than he’d expected. He was pretty sure he hadn’t answered any of the questions right.

“Yes, that’s all. You’re done, get lost.”

Isaac sighed, reaching for his stuff. “Thanks,” he said. He was really disappointed. Dark magic was supposed to be what he was good at. All three of the magic exams were split into written and practical portions, which seemed really fucking unfair to Isaac since it just meant he had three extra exams. Even getting his written portions orally was only helping so much. He’d done his Shadow magic exam yesterday and felt really crappy about it and he was really nervous about the Light magic exam tomorrow. He felt like he should be more comfortable because it was just Yancy, but he also felt like if he screwed up, Yancy was going to be so disappointed.