Team, 87

Cal’s favourite thing about Gavin’s house was that the bedroom had its own privy, so he didn’t have to get dressed when he got out of bed an hour before dawn to pee. The fact that Ian kept it warm enough and had put enough rugs down that his feet didn’t freeze to the floor was also really nice. The door to the privy also didn’t creak because it was kept oiled, and there was a very low light in there that didn’t sear Cal’s eyes but let him not pee in the dark.

Really, Cal thought, scratching his belly as he stepped inside, he just liked Gavin’s house. Gavin wasn’t using it, so he should just let Cal have it permanently. Cal could pay him in artefacts. The Map of Amker alone could probably buy this place a few times over, and it would save Cal needing to buy a house to retire to when he was older.

He aimed vaguely and started to pee, yawning as he did. Hopefully he could get back to sleep—it had been a late night and it was a little early even for him. His brain was starting to work, thinking about the route they were going to need to take to the northern coast, and he tried not to let it do that too hard. They’d figure that out later in the day.