Shark Tail

“We have swimsuits you can put on there if you want,” Denver said, undressing on the platform above the tank, which just entailed taking his hat off. “But the sharks like to eat them, so it’s up to you if you want to bother. We have successfully trained all the sharks to stop eating lifejackets, so you’ll each want to wear one of those.”

The five boys on the platform with him were already undressing, no concern about being seen. Well, it wasn’t like it was a secret that most people went in the shark tank naked; it was visible from the rest of the aquarium. “I can swim,” said one of the younger boys.

Denver nodded. “I’m not saying you can’t. But for safety reasons you guys are only allowed on the surface of the water. I can only take two of you at a time, who wants to go first?”

Villain, 72

Derek really did care about Castor, and he really did like having sex with him. He was good at it, and he held Derek comfortably, and he was warm, and he kissed him and nibbled on his neck in a way that Derek liked, and he sometimes wrapped his wings around Derek protectively while they fucked, which made Derek feel like he was in a draconic cocoon and that after they’d cum, he’d emerge like a butterfly, something bigger and stronger and better than he’d been when he went inside.

As much as he liked Castor, though, Derek was really busy and having a marathon of sex with him hadn’t really been something he’d had time for. But here he was anyway, in Castor’s lap, Castor inside him, holding him tight.

Derek whimpered as Castor rammed up into him, gentle for a dragon but still just the amount of hard that Derek liked, enough to make him cum on Castor’s chest, resting his head against Castor’s collarbone.

Castor bent his head down, smelling Derek’s neck as he kept going, picking up speed now, teeth brushing Derek’s neck, claws pressing against his shoulder blades, a low growl in his throat. Derek just rested there, let him go. It was nice to be able to rest his head against someone big and warm, nice to have someone just take care of him for a minute. When Castor came, he did it with a bite to Derek’s neck that didn’t hurt much, but Derek cried out anyway as if it did.