Chosen One, 115

“A ley line isn’t quite the same as the Pillars or the rest of the Web,” Ariel explained to Isaac.

“Because the ley lines are alive,” Isaac said, nodding. “Right.”

Ariel blinked. Yancy put down his tea cup. “Huh?”

“Are you quite certain, lad?” Yancy asked.

Oh. Isaac had already fucked this lesson up, shit. “Yes?” he asked, looking between them. “No? Sorry. I just thought that was what you were going to say.”

Chosen One, 113

“And then I did this super cool flip,” Jacob said, standing up to do a backflip to demonstrate. “Right onto this cultist’s face, and I used it to kick off and jump onto another cultist, and I made him fall into another cultist, and they all fell down and I was, of course, fine.”

Isaac smiled. He’d had no doubt that Jacob would have come out of it fine. He’d taken a portal up north to a city called Narwhal Junction, where his brothers and sister had been fighting an apocalypse. He’d assured Isaac it hadn’t been a serious apocalypse, though, so Isaac was trying not to be too worried. “How many cultists were there?”

“Um, like fifty?” Jacob asked. “I’m not sure, it was hard to get an accurate count since they were all dressed identically and everything was on fire. One of them was the governor of Narwhal Junction, though, which sucks for them. Oh, and some of them had magic, which is…”

“Cheating,” Isaac finished. “I know.”

Chosen One, 91

Thomas had Klaus’s threads on him. So did Neil and Ezekiel, and Samantha and Darla, and Isaac wasn’t done checking all the girls yet because he didn’t share a dorm with them. It was harder to check apprentices and faculty, but Isaac had found strings on one apprentice he didn’t know well named Rita, as well as on Elijah, Audry and two other faculty.

He was everywhere, even more than Isaac had thought he would be. Doing this spell had been a huge mistake. How was Isaac supposed to live his life knowing this about so many people? How was he supposed to spend time with his friends knowing that Klaus could be controlling them, watching him?

He didn’t want to think like that. It had been one thing when he’d known it was Nicholas, because Nicholas was one person. He didn’t want to spend all his time worrying about everyone he met. But he didn’t know how to make himself not think about it now that he knew. Klaus was everywhere.

Chosen One, 83

“There you are,” Isaac said, when Seth appeared beside him on the lift in the main tower. “Haven’t seen you in a few days.”

Seth nodded. He looked, in Isaac’s opinion, a little embarrassed. “I’ve been, you know. Doing stuff.”

Isaac took his hand. “It wasn’t an accusation. I don’t expect you to spend all your time here.”

“I know, but I don’t want you thinking I used you to get back into the world and then fucked off to do whatever I wanted.”

“I don’t own you, Seth. You can do off and fuck whoever you want.”

Chosen One, 80

Lee’s hand was cold on Isaac’s forehead as she did a mental assessment on him. Isaac watched what she did, just out of curiosity. It seemed pretty straightforward, actually. He couldn’t feel any effects of the spell, which was probably because Lee was good at it.

Then again, her hands shouldn’t be that cold, so maybe he was feeling an effect.

“There’s nothing wrong with you mentally,” she told Isaac, taking her hand away. “You can leave the infirmary right now if Twila clears it.”

Isaac nodded, glancing at Twila. “Have I ever mentioned you’re my favourite teacher and your class is my favourite?”

Chosen One, 78

Isaac was watching two werewolves fuck.

Seth had gone away somewhere about an hour ago, so Isaac had come to the werewolf village in the north and just kind of watched the werewolves like a creeper for a while, and then suddenly these two had gone from joking and talking and pushing each other to fucking in the snow. The guy on top was Isaac’s age at best and the guy on his hands and knees was a few years younger. Their other friends didn’t seem to care, the people walking around the village didn’t seem to care, everyone could see them. They seemed to be having fun.

As the boy on top was getting close to cumming—the signs were obvious even if he wasn’t human—he picked up speed, fucking his friend wicked hard and then harder still as he…got bigger. And grew fur, his face changing into a muzzle. He didn’t turn into a wolf, not all the way, seeming to stop halfway through the transformation. Even his dick had changed, Isaac saw in the brief flashes where it wasn’t totally buried in his friend, getting longer and thicker and redder like a dog’s, and…

“Oh, fuck,” Isaac said aloud, leaning in to get a better look as, just like a dog, werewolf boy’s knot emerged, and then was pushed right into his friend, keeping him there.

Isaac had forgotten to masturbate during the transformation, but he remembered now, furiously stroking himself until he shook the Web with an orgasm unlike anything he’d ever pretended to feel. “Fuck,” he said, sitting back and watching them, stuck together now. “I’d have made such a good werewolf.”

Chosen One, 77

Isaac was quite proud of himself.

After several hours of concerted effort that had left him hating the Web, he’d learned how to use it to go back in time like Seth did and watch historical things. It turned out it was a lot easier to care about historical things when he was watching them happen rather than reading about them in books, though it was also harder to understand them since most of what he was watching was just people sitting around talking in languages he didn’t know or walking places, or battles where he didn’t really get what was happening. So for the first little bit he’d mostly just gone back to watch himself fuck people, but that had gotten a bit weird, so he’d gone to find some of the stuff he’d remembered from history class.

He had found a few cool things, despite nothing cool happening in all of history. It turned out that King Otto’s naked army really had fought naked, and often hard, too. Plus they’d had orgies in their camp, which had been cooler than the actual battle, which Isaac hadn’t been able to watch. He’d fantasized about Otto in class, the last king of a kingdom that didn’t exist anymore in the area where Isaac’s family lived. When he’d suggested that ‘removing their armour’ had probably meant naked, Hugo had told him that was a mistake. But he’d been right. Also, Otto had been really cute, and had liked getting fucked by his soldiers, and a lot of other people. Seemed like someone Isaac could have been friends with.

Chosen One, 76

Isaac watched the starry sky as Seth pounded in and out of him from behind. He was bent over a rock, pretending to grip it as Seth fucked him, his mind convincing him that he was closer and closer to an orgasm.

Seth went harder, grunting, and a moment later they shook the Web. He pulled out and Isaac turned around, smiling at him. “Thanks,” he said. “I can’t believe it took us this long to fuck on the moon. I’m really off my game.”

“I’m sure you’ll celebrate returning to your body with an orgy or something,” Seth promised.

“Probably.” Isaac might take a day or two to recover from the trauma of being a ghost and learning that a centipede monster wanted to eat the world, but then yeah, he’d probably put together a party for his friends to gangbang him so he could get back to feeling like himself.

“Oh, speaking of orgies.” Seth held out his hand. “I have something to show you.”

Chosen One, 75

“Hey there,” Isaac said, hands in his pockets. “This rock taken?”

“Course not,” Seth said in a sigh, looking at the big blue ball that was the world. “Nobody up here but us and the guys in the fort.”

“What fort?” Isaac looked, saw nothing of the sort. Was Seth suggesting that someone…lived on the moon?

Seth lifted his hand, pointed over at a big pile of rocks that blocked the stars from view. “There’s a building hidden inside those rocks. There are weird people living in it. They’ve only been there for about fifty years, I think, and I’m not super sure what they’re doing. Nothing, as far as I can tell.”