Dragon, 124

“H-hey, Owen?”

Owen looked over at Greg, who hadn’t started dressing yet even though they’d both gotten out of the bath. “Yeah?” All five of them had been together, but Gavin had already left to go do his hair in a room that wasn’t too steamy, and Twig was still wrestling with Grey Rain in the bath, which hadn’t yet turned into sex, so they’d probably be a while.

Greg swallowed, looking a bit nervous. “I was wondering,” he said, in a quiet but calm voice. “If you could teach me how to shave?”

Witch, 113

“Hold still.”


“Excuse me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s better.”

“Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to start cutting now.”

“Thank you, sir,” Ron said, and he heard the first clip of the scissors. The forest immediately started pouting as Ron’s hair started to fall to the garden, but it didn’t complain like it had been since James had told Ron he was getting his haircut today.

Noble, 45

Giacomo’s hair fell to the floor in strands, pooling in his lap and around him in a curling lake of brown. Geoffrey made each cut carefully, not wanting his brother to look like an idiot.

He’d used the razor to shave up the sides of Giacomo’s head, everything below his eyes. Everything above that he’d trimmed, letting it be a little longer as a compromise, but not so long that it looked stupid. He snipped the last lock of hair and sat back, examining it. It seemed even on both sides, and it looked cute.

Geoffrey smiled, kissed Giacomo’s lips gently. “Okay, you can swallow now.”

Giacomo let out a breath and swallowed the load of cum Geoffrey had fed him before his haircut—but after facefucking him using his hair as handles. “I remember the first time you did that to make me stop talking. When you broke that window and didn’t want me to tell Dad, remember?”

Prince, 86

“We can arrange some extra security for you if you want it,” Gabrielle said, carefully running a razor across Franz’s chest.

Franz shook his head. “I’m fine.”

“A deranged murderer broke into your apartment and put a threatening note in your privy,” Gabrielle reminded him.

“Oh, the note was hardly threatening,” Franz said. “To me, at least.”

“Yes, but he did threaten to kill my father,” Gabrielle reminded Franz, circling around his right nipple now.

Common Interests

Gus had to admit, it was nice having friends who were into kink. It had actually been Iggy’s idea to go back to that shop with the explicit purpose of outing themselves, and he hadn’t been sure about it at first, but the idea had made Iggy so happy that he couldn’t say no.

When James had smiled and told Gus that he was obviously doing a good job taking care of his boy, Gus had been hit with a really sudden realization that nobody else he knew would ever understand that, and that had been that.

It turned out that he and Ignatius had been at it for a little longer than James and Ron, not that it was obvious by how comfortable the two of them were with it. They were into really different stuff for the most part, but it was still someone they could talk to like normal people and not have to worry about hiding important parts of their relationship.

Apprentice, 5

“Okay,” Ignatius said, determined. “I think I’ve got it.”

Gus watched him work, fiddling idly with the old gauntlet Ignatius had bought for him in a junk shop. He was doing whatever he did to make it stop being just a gauntlet and turn into a receptacle for his power. Ignatius could feel that power just vaguely, a susurration on the back of his tongue. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Ignatius repeated. He checked his notes again, the circle he’d drawn. “Yeah, this should work.”

“You’ll have a bushy beard in no time.”

So we know Isaac and Peter shave, but what are the other boys’ stances on pubic/body hair?

Most of the guys let it grow out naturally, with a few exceptions. Gavin keeps his closely trimmed, and has been known to shave Owen on occasion. James has thought on and off about shaving Ron as part of their play, but has never done it yet. Wes will sometimes shave all his body hair off, but then he’ll let it all grow back. 

Nate has recently started shaving because he sort of intuited that Pax likes it better that way. He knows Pax would never expect Nate to have his body a certain way just for his own pleasure, but he did it anyway. Sam will have moments where he makes Henry shave his. Theodore likes the boys to be hairless or close to, so most of them only shave when he’s interested in them and stop as soon as he’s not. Sully, Erik, Edwin, Franz and Boey, and Travis are all natural all the time. 

Boey got a wax done once and really didn’t like it. Joey is naturally not very hairy. Gabrielle only shaves when she has to, and Cordelia shaves most of her body hair every day (not her pubic hair, though). Isabella is sort of in between those two extremes. Frederick is very proud of what hair he’s managed to grow, and doesn’t understand why someone would shave that off. 

Chosen One, 45

“You know you could do this.”

“I know,” Peter said, looking down, watching Isaac shave him. “But I like it when you do it.”

Isaac grinned, gave Peter a kiss on the head of his dick. “I like doing it.”

Peter nudged Isaac with his knee. “You like the part that comes after.”

“I like both parts,” Isaac promised, because he did.