Good Vibrations

Sully’s car wasn’t fancy enough to be anywhere near Gavin’s house, but here it was, at Gavin’s house. He just hoped he could get what he’d come here for and get out before he caught the aristocratic and had to choke himself on sniffing salts.

Fortunately, the huge front doors opened as he pulled up to them and before he’d gotten out of the car, Owen and Gavin were there with Darby between them. They’d planned some date night—which knowing them meant they planned to fuck in rooms other than the bedroom—and had asked Cal if he could have Darby for an evening. Cal had said yes until he’d remembered that he was going to a movie with Wes and Travis, and Mick and Joey had decided to go out to eat and it had all already been planned. Sully had had plans of his own, which he’d intentionally not invited anyone to because not one of his many boyfriends had a speck of fucking taste.

But apparently Darby liked music, and someone needed to watch him, and Sully figured if he could get him young maybe he could teach the kid to appreciate good music. Plus, Sully was a good fucking person. So Sully was taking Darby with him to the show.

Angel, 2

Dilapidated old amphitheatre seats were not comfortable to sit in for hours and hours, and Jude was really happy that the making of history was willing to accommodate the fact that his ass was sore and his lower back hurt like fuck.

“Being an angel should have actual perks,” Jude complained as he stood up, rubbing his back.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “There’s immortality. Powers. Proximity to God.”

“Yeah, but my back shouldn’t hurt.” Jude sighed. “And proximity to God doesn’t help much if he’s trying to kill us all.”