Others, 21

Trevor was kind of horny.

He was fine, like he wasn’t going to interrupt the conversation they were all having about cows and horses and what the actual difference was between them, which was pretty important. It would be kind of rude to just go over and stick his cock in Simon’s mouth, even if the boy rules said he was allowed to do that.

He scratched his balls a little bit, trying to decide if he wanted to jerk off or something. Not right now, but maybe in a little while. Then maybe some food or something? How long was it until supper?

Maybe he was just bored. Maybe he should suggest they play a game of stones or something. Daniel wasn’t here, which meant that he had a fighting chance at winning. He still felt bad interrupting the conversation, but he could always suggest they play while they talk.

Or maybe he didn’t want to play stones. Trevor didn’t really know. It was hard to know what he wanted. He didn’t really want…anything. And he didn’t think he had in a long time. He just had everything here. A place to sleep, food, friends. He didn’t need anything. He didn’t have to work for anything. He didn’t have to do anything. He’d earned it all for himself years ago, when Theodore had found his ass captivating.