Villain, 100

It turned out necromancy wasn’t even that fucking hard, it just had a stupid trick to it and now that Sam had figured it out, he was a necromancer.

Most necromancy was apparently more fiddly and stupid than sorcery was, but raising up the ghost of a dead asshole was the easiest thing a necromancer could do. The hardest part was finding something that Solomon had owned, but his books and shit were lying around the castle. After that, it was just tapping into the weird power that was adjacent to the Forces that Sam had never noticed. He held a length of chain in his hand to focus the power like Derel had suggested, and he took a breath.

“Are all the doors locked?” Sam asked.

“Yeah,” said Henry. “I checked.”

Sam wanted to make him check again, but he didn’t. If Henry said they were locked then they were locked. He pulled on the cuff of his coat, having decided that he wanted him and Henry dressed for this. So he had on the boots he liked best and a coat that swept the floor, and some other clothes that Henry had picked out for him. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe he should be naked. That would piss Solomon off, and he deserved to know that everything Sam did was something he’d hate.

Did Solomon leave the castle for secret plot relevant thing you can’t yet reveal? Or was it more so he could wander into an alehouse or something and interact with people (maybe partake in a few vices) without anyone knowing he was the dreaded sorcerer king?

Both, sort of. Solomon left the castle frequently to meet with people–who those people are is the plot relevant thing I can’t yet reveal. But he did also leave on occasion so he could go be a normal person sometimes without everyone having to run away in fear, etc.