Others, 57

Spencer was tired, but that was just because he hadn’t slept last night.

Isaac hadn’t come home from the king’s funeral, and at first it had been fine, because Spencer and Skip had just assumed that he’d gotten distracted fucking someone, which Isaac often did. But something had felt wrong to Spencer even at the time, and by midnight when Vinnie knocked on their door to ask if they’d heard from him, it had been obvious something was wrong.

He was fine now, he and Oliver and Yancy were all fine now. Eventually Jacob had shown up and told everyone that Isaac had been kidnapped by a gang called the Rock Boys—how Jacob had known that was a mystery, but Spencer had learned to just accept that Jacob knew things, and they’d put together a cool rescue mission and Spencer hadn’t helped that much, but he’d gone with them and now they were back at the gates of the academy and everything was fine, but Spencer was exhausted and it wasn’t even suppertime.

“We have to go and deal with all these guys we arrested,” Leo was saying. He was the only knight who’d come back with them since all the others had taken the Rock Boys to prison. There was something about the city guard not being able to do it so the knights had to, but Spencer wasn’t totally sure what that was about except that Samantha’s uncle was the guard captain and she’d told Spencer once that the city guard were corrupt, so he guessed it made sense. “But I’ll come see you tomorrow?”

Chosen One, 117

“Man, this class is hard,” Isaac muttered, looking at the diagrams Catria had handed out to all the automation students. “I’m really glad I’m not in it.”

It turned out that automation magic was really fucking complicated, which was probably why most people couldn’t do it. Ignatius had said that wizards could make automatons a little easier than mages could, but even for them it was a really high level spell that had so many moving parts—literally and magically—and automatons had a tendency to explode if any part of the spell wasn’t perfect, so most people didn’t bother.

So much for Isaac’s plan to make a sex automaton, which was why everyone thought he’d wanted to take Catria’s class. His plans to free Nicholas from the control of an evil demon were also looking a little dicey, but he was still going to make those work.

Chosen One, 100

Spencer had been hammering Isaac for nearly a full hour now, his cock unrelenting as he pounded in and out of Isaac’s ass, and Isaac held his arms, legs wrapped around Spencer’s middle, not letting Spencer get away with letting up for a second. “Come on,” he said. “Harder, harder. Skip wants you to go harder, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Skip agreed, masturbating breathlessly on the bed by Isaac’s head, watching Spencer go with undivided attention. “Yeah, go harder, Spencer, come on.”

Spencer nodded and, like he had every other time he’d slowed down and risked letting Isaac think, he found the energy and started fucking Isaac even harder. His face was all sweaty and so was the rest of him, and it was a really good look for him. His hair was painted to his forehead and he was shining all over in the low light and his cock was so impossibly hard inside Isaac. He pressed his lips to Isaac’s and kissed him fiercely, so strongly he almost cut Isaac’s lip with his tooth, and Isaac kissed him back just as hard because he wanted it, he wanted all of Spencer.

Chosen One, 96

Ezekiel had more fish on him than he’d had last time Isaac had fucked him. They were in different shapes and colours, and they covered his shoulders and upper arms, swam down his back and swirled around one leg in a big school that was clearly destined to get bigger. A few of them were outlined but most of them were coloured by now. He also had a piercing in his belly button and one in his right nipple.

The fish started to swim around him as he bounced Isaac on his lap, and Isaac couldn’t help but watch them, his dick rubbing against Ezekiel’s belly, touching the piercing now and then. They were so fascinating he didn’t notice himself getting close until he started to cum, unexpectedly splattering Ezekiel and his fish.

Ezekiel brought Isaac’s attention back, kissing him, kept bouncing him for another minute before he himself came, then let Isaac rest on his shoulder for a minute.

“What are you going to do,” Isaac asked, watching the last, cutest fish move back into place, “when you run out of space?”

“I thought about that already,” Ezekiel said. “You want to see something cool?”

Chosen One, 82

Isaac smiled as he watched Peter and Jacob draw lots to decide which of them was going to fuck him first. They’d both offered the spot to each other, which was very nice of them, and had both seemed insistent that the other take it, but Isaac had been wanting them to fuck him for over two weeks now and he didn’t want to see his boyfriends fight, so he’d suggested this as a solution.

Well, two solutions. Isaac’s contribution at the beginning of the argument had been that they fuck him together, but that had been vetoed. Apparently he was only well enough to take one dick at a time today. Maybe if he did a particularly good job bottoming—which he would—they would realize how dumb that was.

Peter glanced at Isaac just as Jacob was about to pick his, and Isaac gestured, shuffling the lots in the bowl while Jacob reached inside with his eyes shut. He waited for Peter to draw his before either of them looked at them.

Jacob blinked as they showed them. Peter smiled. “Guess that’s that.”