New Year’s Reminder

From a reader: Something we should all remember, as the year dies and is born anew Thanks for the reminder! P.S. Someone poked me about a missing comment but I don’t see any that are missing? My spam folder is empty too. Happy New Year!

Series Appreciation by Le1Mil

Hi! I’m not a very eloquent person so if it’s ok with you, I would like to express my feelings with some art: (Important notes I forgot to include: – Thanks for not killing off Daniel. – Edwin being embarrassing makes me so happy. This boy has ruined my life. – Don’t pee on snakes, […]

Daniel Fanart!

Look, I did another thing. That part must have been pretty scary for Daniel but I laughed because I imagined Hugh’s face when he turned around and saw a (seemingly) crazed Daniel running at him with a bloody knife. Yes, pure comedy.  — OH man, I love this! I love the cracking floor under his […]

I’m coming out of the safety of the usual anonymity to post this. ◉‿◉ I’ve been working on other smaller pieces and doodles of your characters as well. You’re a great inspiration to me. 🙂                         (I hope this works because Tumblr is confusing <.<) Yours […]

When, instead of listening in class, you end up drawing Sam from How To Best Use a Sword by @underhandedpenguin (bye Math) — Oh my God! This is so awesome! I love his expression, and his hair looks so good too! Thank you so much for showing me this! 😀