Supper Time

Ray was hungry.

It wasn’t like he ate supper at the same time every day or anything, but usually they ate between five and six o’clock and tonight they were making pizza and they’d decided they’d eat at six and it was six o’clock now but Ray didn’t have any food.

This exact same atrocity had happened at lunch and breakfast. Breakfast! The most important meal of the day!

“Ray, it’s five o’clock,” Wes said patiently. “The dough is almost done rising and then we can make the pizzas.”

Villain, 84

Todd was sandwiched in between two guys, one his age underneath him who he was fucking, and one whose big cock was pulling in and out of his ass at a really nice pace that had all their balls slapping together in a satisfying way.

He hadn’t asked either of their names because he didn’t know them anyway. Ron’s cousin’s husband’s boyfriend or some stupid shit was having an orgy and they’d been invited and Arthur had wanted to go, so they were here. Half the people here only seemed to speak Daolo, which Todd knew a little bit of because it was what Sam normally spoke in the castle, but not enough to hold a real conversation with.

Fortunately he knew the words for ‘cock,’ ‘ass,’ ‘fuck,’ ‘cum’ and ‘hole,’ so he was doing okay. Arthur had even taken his cage off before they’d come, saying that there was a difference between being a guest and a cumrag. When Todd had found out from a demon toilet how much of a lie that was, he’d extracted a promise that after this Todd wouldn’t have an orgasm for a month.

Others, 33

Ray kind of wanted to dance.

They’d travelled all day and gotten to the town of Tanned Well and the inn Cal wanted to stop at, which Ray liked because it was called the Black Cat, and they’d all been having supper and chatting with each other, and there were a lot of people here, and it was so exciting. It looked like they had a party here every single night. This was the first time Ray had ever been in an inn and it was so cool.

There was a man playing a flute and people were dancing on the other side of the common room and Ray wanted to dance with them, but he didn’t know the steps to the dance they were doing. He knew the steps to a lot of dances, the ones he’d learned from Jenny and Dory and Nils and everyone else. But he didn’t know what dance these people were doing. Parts of it looked a bit like the Wake Two Step out of northern Yavhore, but the rest of it was a mystery to Ray and he didn’t want to get up and dance and look like an idiot by not knowing what were obviously pretty easy steps.

“Did you want to dance, Ray?” Wes asked him, noticing him looking.